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Comparing Affordable Health Insurance Plans: Individual, Group

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Health insurance is extremely important not only in emergencies but to maintain your health and take preventative measures. While it is expensive to many - there are affordable health insurance options. Three main options that are available include: state sponsored, individual, and group. Here is an overview of each:

Individual Health Insurance

This health insurance option is usually reserved for those who don't qualify for the insurance programs mentioned above, either because your company doesn't offer health benefits, you are self employed or are unemployed. This is typically the most expensive option but you are still given a lot of choices, especially now with the internet and online comparisons of programs and costs. There are many options when considering an individual program from the policies that cover only the most basic emergencies to very comprehensive programs, so take your time and comparison shop.

State Sponsored Health Insurance

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This option is generally for those who are unemployed or those whose employer doesn't offer a group plan. While there are income requirements to qualify for this option, it well worth exploring. Requirements may vary state by state, but overall this is the cheapest option and in many cases is completely free.

Group Health Insurance

This option is usually obtained through your employer and allows you to add your spouse and children to the policy. Another way this may be an option for you is through various organizations and associations. These are benefits for being a member of the organization. There will be costs for the insurance but this option is still cheaper than and individual policy. You should inquire through your employer to see what benefits they offer and also ask at any clubs you may belong to.

Most bankruptcies in the United States are due to medical bills, so please protect you and your family and find an affordable health insurance policy right a way. Plus preventative care goes along ways towards your quality of life years down the road. I hope you have found this article helpful and take that step to getting the quality health insurance you deserve.

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