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NAR Introduces Affordable Health Insurance Program

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RCHI Health Insurance

The National Association of Realtors today introduced its new REALTORS Core Health Insurance program, which is designed to provide affordable health insurance plans to its real estate officials. REALTORS Core Health Insurance (RCHI) coverage is guaranteed-acceptance, Limited Medical insurance plan only for NAR members who are between the aged of 18-65.

In other words REALTORS Core Health Insurance program is a health benefit coverage for the real estate professionals who do not have the luxury of being covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Two of the most important benefits of the RCHI health insurance program are the fact that it's guaranteed-acceptance as no medical questions or exams are required and the fact that it's affordable. The low cost plants start as low as $70.69 per month.

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RCHI has three health insurance types of plans available: Physician, NAR Value and NAR Platinum. Individuals have the freedom to choose any health insurance provider, with the option of a PPO network, for added savings, in certain states. RCHI benefits include: doctor office visits, wellness visits, emergency room benefits, surgery benefits, a prescription discount card and more. Contracts are not needed and next day health coverage is available as well. As with most health care settings the health care provider bills the health insurance company directly.

RCHI is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, rated A (“Excellent”) by A.M. Best

NAR members who will benefit from RCHI health insurance plan will include those for whom the major medical health insurance plans are not affordable. These will be NAR members who have tried to get get health insurance coverage and have been turned down.

People who have pre-existing conditions experience difficulties with the traditional health insurance programs as they are very expensive and not affordable. This situationa is covered by RCHI. NAR members who have a comprehensive medical insurance with very high deductibles, and who could use an extra layer of coverage to assist with everyday healthcare costs will also be eligible for RCHI. There is a 12-month condition limitation on all hospital or surgical related expenses.