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Desperate Calls About Health Insurance

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Reading news about health insurance coverage and how much less affordable health insurance has become one sees only desperate calls and no glimpse of hope. They will hardly be there until the nation passes a comprehensive health care reform. Here are some voices about health insurance from today's media and live opinions of people.

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In a very dramatic story titled "Health insurance companies to sick and poor people: Drop dead!" the Examiner writes that according to Harvard Medical researched many poor people who have sick kids are being forced into lousy health plans with ridiculously high deductibles as health insurance companies cover less and less of their medical expenses. The study also found that you better work for a small company and live in a wealthier neighborhood to qualify for a more affordable health insurance policy and have lower deductible.

The high prices of health insurance policies have people cutting from food to pay for health insurance. The recent job cuts have made the COBRA plans extremely unaffordable. Whereismyprince twits "where in the world do I find health insurance for myself. I keep getting denied for health reasons! HELP. I can't afford COBRA."

  • Here are some other Twits about health insurance.
  • I just found out my dad took me off his health insurance.
  • RI.com: Study finds health insurance costs up since 1990's.
  • Trying to get information out of a health insurance company is like trying to squeeze water out of a rock.
  • Really can't STAND Health insurance companies. They are the biggest scam in America.

Where will the help come from? I am wondering if Massachusetts Universal Health Insurance plan may provide some lessons for America. Consider the story Friday's NY Times. "But there is only one real-life model in this country for the kind of sweeping change being considered in Washington, and that is in Massachusetts, where a landmark law signed in April 2006 has achieved near-universal coverage. And in that state, leaders decided from the outset to decouple access and cost, and to deal first with covering the uninsured."



I guess the best part of competition between the public and private insurance will be that it can bring down the excessive costs and raise the quality of service to survive particularly in private sector , therefore there is no need to worry about the expensive medical costs over time, as EUROPE tells it. Thank You !