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No Insurance Club Says Private Contracts Solution To Healthcare Reform

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Obama Health Reform and Insurance

More and more Americans are going without healthcare especially preventative healthcare. The reasons - costs are too high, patients can't get accepted due to a pre-existing condition, companies are cutting back on benefits, people have been laid off from work, and the cost of health insurance is not affordable for people.

What’s being done to improve healthcare? Government wants more control and regulation and the system seems to be leaning toward socialized care. Insurance companies continue to increase premiums, which prices healthcare out of reach for the average American. Employers can no longer float the cost of insurance so they pass it on to their employees. Patients aren’t the only ones being affected by the current state of healthcare. More and more doctors are going out of business and hospitals are cutting back due to escalating costs and payment defaults.

The current remedy: Americans are taking out major medical policies for catastrophic events with high deductibles to keep monthly premiums down, or are turning to Medicaid, mini-clinics at grocery stores/pharmacies, and emergency room visits for common illnesses.

What about prevention and maintenance? More than 90 percent of health related issues can be taken care of with preventative care and maintenance but only a small percentage of Americans currently enjoy the benefit of preventative healthcare.

As the Obama administration has started the health care summit in the White House this morning to drive the reform No Insurance Club has come up with a fresh look at healthcare by offering an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance options.

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The No Insurance Club connects patients with participating board certified physicians that will treat and care for preventative healthcare needs for a one-time prepaid annual membership fee.

1. NIC patients make a one-time annual payment that is typically less than a one-month premium with traditional insurance. Patients receive up to 12 office visits per year that also include immunizations, $4 or less in-office prescriptions, and additional services including blood tests.

2. No deductible, no co-pays, no premiums

3. No surprise bills to patients

4. Viable alternative to COBRA for employees laid off from work

5. Low cost option for the self-employed



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