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Good News On Health Care For Uninsured Children

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As a pediatrician, I was delighted to read that the House had passed the long overdue health care bill for the children without health insurance coverage. Mr. Bush had vetoed twice the similar bill. Now at long last it appears that our legislators are going to take care of poor and middle class people, not just the wealthy. Wonderful! A new day is dawning as President-Elect Obama makes his way into the nation's capital.

Our country entered a new era of development and progress. Now four million previously uninsured children will be covered and the seven million who were covered will continue to have coverage. This will all be paid for by a tax on tobacco.

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Some other good news for health care is that the UnitedHealth Insurance company is finally being made accountable. They have had too much control of low out-of-network fees for medical services and now they will have to pay more than they have in the past.

Also a Web site is to be set up so that patients can find out what out-of-network charges are in their particular region. This way it will be possible to find out what the insurance companies will pay and what their own payments will need to be. Hopefully, with these new changes even more control will be exerted over the greedy health insurance companies as the Democrats start listening to the majority of people in this country.

No longer will the rich get richer at the expense of the poor and middle class.

By Dr. Charlotte Thompson from her blog.