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Bad News for Medicaid and Medicare "Advantage" Patients

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The cost of health care seems to get higher and higher as the insurance companies lobbyists have seen to it that their companies make more and more money. Recently, it has been reported that the private Medicare plans that Bush and his administration have pushed cost more and do little extra for patients.

This was reported by Robert Pear in the 11/24/08 New York Times. The government pays insurance companies more for these plans, even though they are not providing the promised care. The 10.1 million people enrolled in these plans thought they were going to get better coverage, but this has not turned out to be true.

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Patients who are on Medicaid or welfare, (Medi-Cal in California) are going to most likely have to pay more in co-payments and premiums, since new Federal rules now allow the states to charge more. I don't understand how people who are already suffering from lhaving little money can be asked to pay more for their health care.

What will happen, and is happening, is that people will not take care of their health problems, simply becasue they cannot afford to pay increased premiums and co-payments. When I cared for welfare patients, I refused to ask them to pay anything. I felt that was wrong, but the wealthy people in the government, who have excellent health care, simply don't understand the plight of people who are trying to get by on minimal amounts of money. Read: Medicare Health Insurance Users Confused About Drug Coverage >>

Hopefully, with the new, more understanding administration, some of these laws will be changed.

The author of this story is Dr. Charlotte Thompson who blogs here.