Health Insurance Not Affordable Because Of Greed

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I always think of the well known movie with Michael Douglas about Wall Street when I think about the health insurance industry. When his young protege asked "When do you have enough money?" The answer was something like, "Never." Is it the greed that makes health insurance coverage not affordable for millions of Americans?

The health insurance company, UnitedHealth Group and AARP are under investigation by the former Vermont insurance commissoner, Elizabeth Rowe Costle, because many people thought they had comprehensive coverage and of course they didn't Big surprise? I hope both of these groups will be penalized for what they have done to many elderly people. Robert Pear gives a good description of this investigation in the New York Times on 11/19/08.


Now the insurance industry has come up with another idea to increase their already enormous profits. They are apparently willing not to exclude anyone from coverage IF, and this is a big IF, everyone has to buy their expensive health insurance policies. Amazing! I surely hope the new administration does not allow these greedy insurance companies to push this plan through.

Yes, we need health insurance coverage for all in the U.S., but not by putting more and more billions of dollars in the insurance companies' pockets. Regulation of these money hungry health insurance provider companies must be possible. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive health insurance.

Therefore, there has to be a better way to make health insurance affordable for all Americans.

The author of this story is Dr. Charlotte Thompson who blogs at