Whose Health Insurance Plan Is Affordable And Better?

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The population in U.S. now stands in front of a health insurance dilemma. John McCain suggests to increase private health insurance coverage. Barack Obama suggests to provide affordable healthcare to as many residents as possible.

Which health insurance and healthcare approach is more affordable and the best to choose from? Each presidential candidate can criticize his rival's ideas, but for those who are going to vote it is important to judge whose healthcare plan is better and to choose the one they believe in. The question now is to choose between private and public health insurance plans.

Barack Obama's plan aims to establish equality in private and public health insurance rights. It suggests that major employers should provide their employees with health insurance, or else they will be forced to pay to governmental program based on Medicare model. These payments will go to public health insurance. The advantage of Obama's plan is that it will make is possible for unemployed residents to be covered and will also cover all children with no exception.


However, the plan is not ideal, because with time the government can cut costs unfairly and make it preferable for employers to pay into public health insurance. This will also decrease the number of health service providers and will make those seeking healthcare wait in longer queues. We are already seeing an example of such shift in Medicare.

McCain's plan suggests a major shift to private health insurance coverage. The plan suggests a refundable tax credit for all employers, which will allow the individuals an ability to purchase private health insurance. The tax credit will be $2500 for individuals and $5000 for families. This tax will be the highest increase in America's history and will make employers pay much more than they currently do.

This approach will make people disappointed who rely on their employer based health insurance from workplace. On the other hand, those who are insured by their employers would hardly change the job just because of coverage. If they purchase insurance of their own, they will be free to choose a job they desire to have. According to Tax Policy Center estimates, McCain's plan will have 21 million people purchasing individual insurance in 2018.

Both health insurance plans have advantages and disadvantages and there are also factors that are hard to predict. A plan may sound good, but it may appear to be a bad practice. Whichever presidential candidate is chosen, health insurance and healthcare overall are very important issues for everyone and should not be a subject of an argument, it should be a subject of a discussion leading to a better public health and more affordable health insurance coverages for the individuals and families.