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Surviving Testicular Cancer And Infertility

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Infertility and testicular cancer

Living after testicular cancer treatment will not be same as before you were diagnosed with cancer. You will have a different outlook on life. Your body will not be the same for a while. You may have to deal with a change in the way you see yourself.

It is important after you finish cancer treatments for testicular cancer, that you follow up with your doctors as often as he recommends. You will need to be tested on a regular basis for a period of time to make sure the cancer does not come back.

Testicular cancer and cancer treatment can make a man infertile. If you want to father children, talk with your doctor about storing sperm for such a purpose before you start cancer treatment. Storing your sperm for future use will alleviate the worries of being infertile and allow you to concentrate on getting better with the cancer treatment.

After you have finished with testicular cancer treatment, you should examine your life. What was your lifestyle like before you were diagnosed with testicular cancer? If you lead an unhealthy life before cancer, you need to do your best to lead a healthy life after cancer treatment. Stop smoking, drinking to excess and any other high risk behaviors that you engage in. Life after testicular cancer treatment is all about taking care of yourself.

After testicular cancer it is very important that you start eating healthy. Don't fall back into the old habits of eating junk foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from the fast food drive through. Give your body the ammunition it needs to build itself back up again.

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Limit your intake of red meats and processed foods. Stay away from processed meats such as lunch meats and hot dogs. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite unhealthy foods. It has been proven that a diet that is rich in organic fresh fruits and vegetables can cut your risk of cancer considerably.

When you are finished with your testicular cancer treatment you may tire more easily than before treatment. This is normal and it may take a while to get your energy level back. The best thing you can do for your body after cancer treatment is to get plenty of rest.

Start an exercise program after cancer treatment, but start out slow. You can not be expected to run a marathon right after you have recovered from testicular cancer treatment. Find a good exercise program that you can do comfortably and stick with it. Build on the exercise program until you are at a fitness level that you are happy with. Stay in shape and you will decrease your risk of the cancer coming back.

Living after testicular cancer may be difficult emotionally. You may find yourself dealing with emotions that are unfamiliar to you. Seek support from your family and friends. If you do not feel that you can talk to your family and friends, consider getting professional help to deal with the emotions you will experience after testicular cancer.

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