A Drug Free Relief To The Main Symptom of Menopause: Hot Flashes

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ChiliPad for Menopause Symptoms Relief

ChiliPad celebrates the menopause awareness month with a drug free solution to Hot Flashes, which is the main symptom of menopause.

ChiliPad is celebrating Menopause Awareness Month this September by focusing on the needs of women. ChiliPad has a separate temperature control on each side of the bed. This gives menopausal women the ability to stay cool through night sweats and hot flashes without changing their partners' bed temperature. Until now there has been NO other drug free solution to night time hot flashes. Knowing Estrogen treatments have many side effects, what is a menopausal woman to do? The ChiliPad takes the temperature on either side of the bed down to as low as 46oF. As the individual heats up coils of cool water refresh the sleeping surface and allow women to sleep through hot flashes.

Dr Margurette Gilkey, a second generation OB/GYN in the Raleigh, NC area spent nine years seeking an effective solution for her own hot flash symptoms. After a multitude or attempted solutions including fans, moisture wicking pajamas, new mattresses and toppers, she found the ChiliPad is the ONLY product that allowed her to sleep in the same bed with her husband. Not only did the ChiliPad resolve the temperature conflict between them, but it actually REDUCED the hot flash disturbances at night. Now she doesn’t leave home without it! Dr Gilkey now has a personally proven solution to offer to other women struggling with night time hot flashes.


People spend too much money every night heating or cooling space which no one inhabits during those hours. ChiliPad keeps sleepers comfortable right at the bed level, resulting in fantastic energy savings (up to 15%). With the touch of a small wireless remote, the setting can be changed in one degree increments from 46° to 118°F.

Furthermore, sleep researchers have found that when sleepers are too hot or too cold, the normal cycle of sleep is disrupted. When the bed temperature is right, the NREM and REM stages of sleep occur more easily and predictably. During menopause, many women miss out on this needed rest. However, with the ChiliPad, there is no need to lose sleep because of body temperature.

Text Box: Although ChiliPad can heat the bed, it is far different from electric blankets. It heats and cools without producing a magnetic field, thereby eliminating many health concerns.

With its amazing features and cost efficiency, ChiliPad is already making its mark on the bedding industry. Women who are going through menopause can now enjoy setting their beds to a perfect temperature to help them rest. While other people are living with an enormous sleep debt, ChiliPad users wake up revitalized and ready to start the day.

The ChiliPad is now available at your local mattress dealer and online at www.mychilipad.com. For more information call (704) 235-6831.



This is a cool product i actually have one and it does work.
I have been having "hot flashes" since my mid-teens. thus i am using prozestra have got bit benefit from it.thanks for providing good information it will benefit me to cope up with hot flashes.