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US Mental Health Grade D, Don't Be Amazed Of Shootings

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Recent shooting sprees in Alabama and in Germany shook the world. In the past several years we have been unfortunate to hear of many school shootings, but why are we amazed? The mental health grade of USA is D. D is not A. D means the state of the mental health in USA is not good. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) issued a national report card today.

After watching the story about the killing spree in Alabama one wonders when will mental health be seriously addressed in this country?

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The information that we received from the Young Families Director of NAMI NC Mental health care in America is in crisis. Even states that have been working hard to build a life-saving, recovery-oriented, cost-effective, evidence-based system of care stand to see progress wiped out by the national’s economic crisis and state budget shortfalls. State budget cuts are coming at a time when state mental health services are even more urgently needed. It is a vicious cycle that leads to ruin

We know what works to save lives and help people recovery. In the face of crisis, we need to move forward, not retreat. We also must not leave some of our most vulnerable citizens behind.

Now let's connect the state of the mental health to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index that was released today showing the happiest and least happiest states in USA. Utah, Hawaii and Wyoming are considered the happiest states. Isn't it hard to believe that Hawaii is behind Utah? Perhaps, instead of Hawaii we may need to consider vacations in Utah next time.

The state of mental health is also good in Colorado and Wyoming that also rank in the top five of the happiest states with the above-mentioned states. West Virginia is the least happiest state. This brings me the thought of making a survey about the most and least happiest universities in the nation as well as high schools. Perhaps that will give the society a better understanding of the mental health of our youth