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7 Ways People Say You Can Deal With Excess Skin After a Major Weight loss

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Excess Skin After Weight Loss

You just had a major weight loss, but you didn't imagine how much excess skin you will have after such a big weight loss. This story discusses what people, who have had a major weight loss, say about the way they deal with their excess skin. It's a lot of excess skin.


First of all, let's make it clear that the "problem" of excess skin shouldn't be a downer for those who would like to embark on a major weight loss journey. You just need to picture it as part of the deal and know how to handle it as well as know how other people deal with it.

Excess Weight Not A Big Problem For Some
Some people, for example, say they have the excess skin after a major weigh loss but it's not a big problem with them. They say they have it, but should it become a health issue, such as infections or such, they will get it removed. Their bodies need to be healthy, they say in general. I would like to add, that when we think of the health of the body, we should always think about the health of our souls too.

Go for Slow and Steady Weight Loss
Other people say slow weight loss helps as does good genetics. I read about one lady who recently lost 95 pounds and planned to lose another 20. She says while she has a little bit of creepy skin on her lower belly, but that's not a big problem. She stresses the benefit of the slow weight loss. In fact, to achieve permanent weight loss that sticks, it's important to do it slow and in an intelligent manner, wrote Monika Amsterdam at eMaxHealth last year.

Weight trainers also suggest a slow weight loss. They say look at it logically. If your skin is stretched because of excess weight, then like a balloon if it pops it doesn't hold its shape. But if you slowly let out the air, it will hold better shape. Slow and steady weight loss is a good way for most people, but depends on your situation and for this you should consult your doctor).

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Surgery To Remove Excess Skin
Another opinion is to have a surgery to remove excess skin. Weight loss surgery isn't for everyone; and it's not a panacea, but many people who have had that surgery almost all required plastic surgery to remove the excess skin. "I have known many people who thought bariatric weight loss surgery would be a not only a piece of cake, but a panacea. It’s neither as you can see from reading my sister’s story. I know many people who have had one type or another weight loss surgery and some are success stories and others are not. Most had a modicum of success with losing weight and almost all required plastic surgery to remove the excess skin," writes EmaxHealth's Susanna Sisson.

If you are determined to do a surgery to remove the excess skin, know that some doctors suggest to weight and give your body a couple of years after weightless to see the final results of how you look like. Also, they say how your skin looks is largely genetic. "Even if I am left with horrible skin I think it'll be better than the extra 12 stones I've been carrying around for years," write one lady in a weight loss forum.

Fasting Helps With Excess Skin
Apparently fasting helps with loose skin. There is an interesting story on the subject, by Dr. Jason Fang, called how much protein is excessive? People say fasting helps to get rid of excess skin after major weight loss because your body ends up using the excess skin for fuel.

Compression Leggings
I read that other people love using compression leggings. "I love my compression leggings that I work out in! Have started wearing them out and about with T-Shirts! My thighs don't jiggle and my belly flap disappears. Compression leggings make me feel and look super fit," writes one lady in one of the weight loss groups online.

Strength Training
Another person said she is doing strength training and losing weight slowing. She says strength training helps her. She works out 5-6 days a week and a lot of it is strength training. She says she does the strength training so that the issue of excess skin after a weight loss hopefully doesn't happen to her. By the way, drinking milk after strength training keeps women lean and strong.

Look at Excess Skin Positively
While excess skin is a problem for many, it is always helpful to remember that this issue, also called an "apron issue," is a result of healthy weight loss. Excess skin means you are losing weight and the results are here. People need to be encouraged for the will and determination they put into losing extra weight. Congratulations to all who work hard to fight the passions of obesity and gluttony.



A serum with 5-10% caffeine helps tremendously with loose skin. The massaging technique to apply is tricky and a bit painful but it works.