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7 Breastfeeding Falsies: True or Not For All?

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Baby drinking milke from a bottle

I don't know if you have seen the picture of breastfeeding falsies, but these seven questions are raise in it. The question is are these breastfeeding falsies true or not for all.


Some people say the following breastfeeding falsies are just pretense for moms who do not want to breastfeed their babies. Others say some of them are not for all. Consider for example the 2nd or the 6th points in these seven "falsies." Can children have preferences if they are not yet introduced or taught to use certain ways?

1. My baby was born premature so I couldn't nurse.

2. My baby preferred the bottle.

3. I didnt' have enough milk to nurse.

4. My breasts were much too small to nurse.

5. My breasts were much too large to nurse.

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6. My baby refused to take the breast.

7. I had to stop breastfeeding because I got breast fever.

Some moms say that some of these are legit some are not. One mother, who nursed her oldest until he was 3 and nursed her middle middle in tandem with her oldest writes this, calling some of the Breastfeeding Falsies legit. "I had genuine low supply with my first due to a very traumatic birth and separation for almost 48 hours. After 5 at home visits with IBCLC and literally sitting in a chair crying for hours and hours every day, we had to supplement. My son was truly starving, like, not just crying and we thought he was. But like, actually, starving. I never could stop supplementing, but we did do most of it SNS at the breast. So, low supply can be a thing. With my next two kiddos, I had oversupply. Go figure." See eMaxHealth reporter Danielle Dent-Breen's earlier coverage called Myths About Breastmilk and Low Supply.

Another mom said her milk didn't produce until day 4-5. How long can the baby wait?

This particular mother shares her struggle. "I tried many times a day and tried every trick any one could tell me and nothing worked. I tried to force my daughter for 3 months to breast feed and it just didn't happen. I pumped for a year though. At 9 months my daughter latched on while we were taking a bath. On her own free will. She would ask for it probably 10 times after that then totally refuse it again."

Another mom writes that "bottle preference and premature can be serious problems. Which is why having all the knowledge you can before baby is helpful. Too large and too small are bull. Most moms have enough milk, not all. But perceived low milk supply is more common than true low milk supply. Some babies refuse the breast but that's usually because of other underlying causes that could be helped with the right support. Mastitis isn't a reason to quit either unless it's frequent and a serious problem.

It seems like being a mom is hard enough already. They choose between breastfeeding and being sane and happy. But your children deserve your best. Many moms say the beastfeeding is the best for children, and baby formula is just an option there. You may also want to see this article by Dr. Harold Mandel called Breastfeeding saves lives of babies and mothers.



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