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Five Tips For Losing Weight In a Hurry

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You have just received that dreaded phone call – a last minute invite to that beach house, pool party, weekend getaway, etc... You officially have ONE week to get in bikini ready shape. Do you turn down the invite? Crash diet? How do you achieve quick weight loss in a week?

The last minute crash diet is a common pitfall, which is why Mike Naples, CEO of Zone Delivery USA, has compiled the following tips for panicked dieters who are trying to slim down in a hurry.

1) Go on the wagon: Don’t drink anything but water. Sorry, but this means no coffee, booze, soda or even juice – you’ll indulge enough once you’re there!

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2) Don’t starvation-diet: Eat 5 small meals a day. And make sure you have breakfast, or it will catch up with you later.

3) Hold the fries: Avoid potatoes, bread, rice and any starchy carbs. These are the worst enemy of weight loss.

4) Exercise daily: You don’t have a lot of time before the moment of truth, so make every day count with a serious workout.

5) String-Em Along: String cheese is an insider dieter’s go-to. They are portion controlled and easily portable. Carry some in your bag and break some out before you reach for the mojito. The protein in the cheese will help balance out those alcohol carbs and keep your diet in the “zone.” There are even light string cheese options with only 50 calories!

Zone Delivery USA (www.zonedeliveryusa.com) is a leading meal delivery service provider based on balanced meals using a ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% favorable fats.



Hey guys, I am now about 240 and 5'8, closer to 30s regarding % of bodyfat than 20s, and I am starting to feel a little sluggish, which will be way too early for me in life :( I'm trying to get started doing the paleo diet but there's a lot of contradictory advice about it. To ensure it is easier - I figure I'd just get started already and tweak my procedure from that point. I am deciding between 2 novels right now (LINK) - Has anyone read either/can indicate which one is more complete summary of all the paleo diet details? Really excited to start out getting a little fitter and lose some weight!