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Helen Phillips Wins Biggest Loser Season 7

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Helen Phillips is the Biggest Loser winner of the 2009 season 7 finale

It is good to see that with the rise of obesity epidemic weight loss programs and shows like The Biggest Loser also gain popularity among the people. Last night The Biggest Loser concluded it's 2009 season 7 finale and Helen Phillips (mom and daughter couple) became the winner. It put an end to months long question of who is the Biggest Loser season 7.

The Biggest Loser is an NBC program where the participants have at least "one hundred pounds" to lose. They compete for months by doing various types of exercise and fitness programs and are guided by strict coaches. Each week the person who loses the least amount of pounds leaves the show. The biggest loser becomes the winner of that particular season during the finale and wins $250,000 dollars with nationwide celebrity popularity.

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However, The Biggest Loser is not only about one person's win. First, every participant wins. Even the first person who leaves the show usually sheds about 9-10 pounds during that first week. Our point is that everyone leaves the program having subscribed to healthier lifestyle.

This is one of very few TV shows that are watched by families. It's TV-PG rated. The participants, the winners and the viewers of The Biggest Loser come out with a renewed hope of losing more weight and gain confidence about the benefits of healthy lifestyle. It does spread a good message that you win when you exercise regularly and maintain good weight.

Our congratulations to The Biggest Loser 2009 season 7 finale winner Helen Phillips. She won the challenge because of losing 55 percent of her weight. That's the largest percentage amount that she lost compared to the other participants of the challenge. She lost 140 pounds. We wish everyone to follow a health lifestyle, keep a health diet and be the losers of unhealthy habits.



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