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The 50 Million Pound Challenge on Twitter

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The 50 million pound challenge

One of the most talked about weight loss program today int he United States is the 50 million pound challenge plan, which is actively being discussed in the media.

It's interesting to see that health and wellness programs actively embrace the Web 2.0 or the opposite. The online social networks and communities discuss their health challenges and achievements online. The 50 million pound challenge weight loss program is a shining example of how the social network communities such as the one on Twitter discusses it as people share their weight loss achievements and challenges.

The creator of the 50 million pound challenge weight loss program is Dr. Ian Smith. In the FAQ section of the 50 Million Pound Challenge project we read that Dr. Smith, physician, journalist and well-known author of The Fat Smash Diet ,is teaming up with State Farm Insurance Company to issue a 50 million pound weight loss challenge to Americans. "To help reach this ambitious goal, participants across the country will get information and tools to take off the pounds, receive and give encouragement, as well as track progress.

"Being overweight is one of our nation’s top health problems, increasing the risk of life-threatening but preventable illness for more than 135 million Americans.

"This is a concern for everyone. Every person in the community knows someone -- a father, mother, aunt or child -- who suffers from physical diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

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"The aim is to save lives by changing the lifestyle choices we make. We want people to give up the pounds, not give up the fight."

Twitter community discussing the 50 million pound challenge program

PamperingU: Just signed up for t 50
million pound challenge. Joined the Girlfriends EnTourAge team.
Care to join us? http://twurl.nl/x5w27m

nubeauti: @CaramelBella It's by
Dr. Ian Smith from Celebrity Fit Club (50 million pound
challenge)...yeah that guy. lol The first 9 days are

healthy_food: The 50 Million Pound
Challenge Offers Free Weight Loss for the New Year http://tinyurl.com/ae8fd8

2am: Dear 50 Million Pound Challenge: Yogurt,
fruit, and a tbsp of granola for breakfast? This is why I cheat on you so

jlcasey86: Just joined the 50 million
pound challenge...trying to get cute for the summer lol.
youonadiet: Interview with Dr. Ian Smith has been
posted. We discuss his new book and program The 50 Million Pound
Challenge http://tinyurl.com/929rs5