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Instant Wrinkle Removers Are Fillers With Side Effects

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Wrinkler Filler Side Effects

What are instant wrinkle removers anyway? While many people are interested in instant wrinkle removers FDA is now more interested in the safety and the serious side effects of these cosmetic beauty products. Also consider the fact that they don't work.

The 41 page report (PDF) from FDA sites 930 side effects that are linked to the use of wrinkle fillers. Post-market evaluation of adverse events of the wrinkle removers that are reported to FDA show 1032 reports. All reports were individually reviewed unrelated and duplicate reports were removed, leaving a total of 930 reports. After event narratives were reviewed, reports were classified by type of adverse event and site of injection, and the frequency of the adverse events was tabulated.

Many reports indicated that the patient received multiple injections of wrinkle remover at once in different sites, but did not specify which site was involved in the adverse events reported. The reports of the side effects of the wrinkle removers also had the limitation of patients not specifying the time intervals between the injections and not mentioning the one injection in the course of injections that triggered the adverse events. Some reports indicated that the patient received multiple brands of dermal implants, but did not mention which adverse events occurred at which brand’s injection site.

Many reports did not specify site of anti-wrinkle injection or used general terms such as “face” or
“treatment site”. Onset of adverse events was missing in many reports. Different reporters used different terminology for sites of injection and adverse events, or used non specific terms such as lumps, bumps, mass, and so on. Direct association of the adverse events with the skin care product injected is not explicitly identified in majority of reports’ narratives.

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Wrinkle remover side effects and dverse events were grouped into 13 categories identified by frequently used terms describing similar adverse events. Furthermore, the frequency of adverse events was calculated by counting each and every term used to describe the adverse event in the reports’ narratives. For example, if the report’s narrative indicated allergic reaction, hypersensitivity, edema, and nodule formation in a single patient, all of the four adverse events were calculated for that report. Terms used to describe each category of adverse events follows.

Adverse events and side effects reported with use of wrinkle removers

1. Allergic reaction: Included the term allergic reaction and hypersensitivity, severebsystemic reaction, swelling of the tongue and difficulty breathing, anaphylactic shock, hives,bpruritis, itching, rash, urticaria, angioedema, and hyperpigmentation.
2. Swelling: Included the term swelling and edema.
3. Inflammatory reaction: Included nodule formation, granulation, induration, papules, coldbsores, herpes and arthritis flare up.
4. Erythema: Included the term erythema and redness.
5. Infection: Included the terms infection, abscess, cellulitis, postulate, uveitis, conjunctivitis, pus and drainage.
6. Vascular events: Included bruising, bleeding, hematoma, necrosis and scars, blanching and discoloration, and ischemia
7. Pain: Include pain at the site of injection, muscle ache, and head ache.
8. Blisters and cysts.
9. Non-specific masses: Included lumps and bumps.
10. Beading: Included collection or clump of the implant under skin.
11. Numbness: Included the term numbness, paresthesia, and palsy.
12. Migration: Included moving of the implant from original site of injection to other sites.
13. Others: Included all other adverse events with occurrence frequency of less than ten such as Blurred vision, disfigurement, overcorrection, retained foreign body, fainting, tear duct obstruction and soreness, and heart attack.

The public should know that the instant wrinkle removers are actually fillers that hide your wrinkles temporarily. They use a camouflage techniques that fill the lines and wrinkles on your face, this gives you the appearance that wrinkles have vanished, but in reality they are still there, you just covered up your wrinkles.

Once you wash your face you will see that your wrinkles are still there and that you have not diminish your wrinkles. As you can see these instant wrinkle fillers are wrinkle fillers and they do not work long term.