Online Weight Loss Tools Quickly Becoming Preferred Solution

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Online Weight Loss and Diet Programs

More and more Americans are using the Internet for everything from buying a new car to paying bills and booking vacations. Approximately 77% of Americans are now online, up from 74% in 2005, and compared with 57% back in 2000. Now, Americans are even dieting online - seeking the tools, support and motivation of online communities to achieve weight loss goals.

A study by Brown University found that people who enrolled in a structured online dieting program lost three times more weight in six months than those who casually surfed the Internet for diet information.

To help people successfully lose weight and lead healthier lives, Medifast, a leading clinically proven portion-controlled weight loss program, today announced the launch of MyMedifast (, creating one of the most comprehensive online customized weight loss communities in the industry to meet people's individual needs.

After conducting targeted market research among its customer base, the company identified a strong need for an online community where people could receive customized support and be part of an exclusive group, interacting with other people who are facing similar weight loss challenges.


MyMedifast offers users an interactive community where dieters can seek support by participating in a wide variety of interfaces including joining regularly scheduled chats about nutrition, dieting and exercising, or posting motivational messages on message boards. There are customized communities to meet the needs of individuals such as the "100+ pounds" and "Age 50+" categories where people who fit into these groups can connect and discuss their successes and challenges - supporting each other and keeping one another motivated.

"The friendships I've formed on this board are wonderful. We all have something in common. We are trying, and committed to each other and ourselves in this journey. We encourage each other and no one gets that 'feeling' of being judged like in the real world," commented a MyMedifast user.

One of the most significant features on the MyMedifast website is the customized Meal Planner. This feature provides a database with thousands of food items and their nutritional profiles to give users all of the necessary information to make healthy food choices. This section of the site also allows the user to log their weight, measurements and exercise on a daily basis. The website calculates this information and delivers a report to the user, showing if they are meeting their goals.

Users can run reports and see snapshots such as a daily nutrition score that highlights totals for calories, fat, sugar, proteins, carbohydrates etc. The website also offers users the option of receiving daily and weekly tips and articles.

"We understand that it is often difficult for people to stick to a weight loss plan, find the time to attend support meetings and prepare healthy meals. With the launch of MyMedifast, we are one of the only weight loss programs to offer all of the online tools people need to successfully lose weight and lead a healthy life -- providing the meal planner, nutrition and fitness information, scheduled chats with a nutritionist and an active community of Medifast users to seek support from," said Jaime Elwood, vice president of corporate communications for Medifast.

The MyMedifast website features healthy recipes, tips for dining out and various channels that provide additional resources to help dieters stay on track with their weight loss goals, including the following:

  • Blogs and Message Boards: