Summer Fun Weight Loss Challenge Expects Over 3,000 Participants

Armen Hareyan's picture

Diet and weight Loss Event's 12-week Summer Fun Weight Loss Challenge starts on July 17th with an expected 3,000+ participants nationwide. It is an event designed to keep dieters motivated and bring inspiration to their weight loss experience.

What separates this weight loss challenge apart from other programs is its popularity among dieters and its renowned dedication in helping dieters focus on a healthy sustainable outcome. In fact, this Summer Fun Challenge comes on the heel of a previous challenge that claimed 2,344 members strong. According to a post-challenge survey sent to all participants, respondents reported an average weight loss of 14.9 pounds in 12 weeks. Over 80% of respondents reported to have more energy while the majority felt more attractive and confident after losing a few extra pounds.


The weight loss challenge offers the Weekly Motivation Rewards program, which uses mini-essay contests to help its members stay motivated. In addition, every participant who successfully completes the challenge will be eligible for one of five top honors which include an iPod and a 6-month Premium Membership as prizes.

When asked what she learned by participating in the challenge, one member said, "People noticed the difference and commented on it, and I even got asked on three dates in one week. That's unheard of for me. It felt great to feel comfortable as me. I still have a long way to go, but it's an amazing start."

The weight loss challenge offers an exclusive online support group for the challenge members. It provides a plan for success with weekly instructions provided by a dedicated team of weight loss experts, registered dietitians, and community leaders. The challenge participants also have access to a free daily fat and calorie counter, exercise and mood trackers, and over 1,000 delicious, easy-to-prepare diet recipes.