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Hair Loss Confidential Seeking Nominations Across U.S.

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An inspirational new reality TV series is changing the lives of people suffering with the debilitating effects of hair loss. Many people might think that hair loss is no big deal – and some even find it funny - but once viewers see these heart wrenching stories; they’ll understand the pain and heartache of these individuals and their families.

Millions of American men, women and children experience hair loss every year. Fifty percent of people experience a hair loss problem sometime during their lives. Broken down: two-thirds of men by the age of 60 and forty percent of women.

For some, hair loss means withdrawal from family and friends. It even affects their career and education. Modern hair restoration can provide solutions, but too often, people are too embarrassed to seek help.

That’s the premise behind Hair Loss Confidential. The show is based upon an intervention directed by a therapist who guides the subject and their family through the emotional roller-coaster experienced as a result of the hair loss crisis.

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“We wanted to develop a show that would demonstrate the pain and heartache that those who suffer hair loss experience,” said Lisa Zimmerman, creator and Executive Producer of Hair Loss Confidential. “Consider how the average hair loss victim really feels. I’ll tell you. They feel shame, embarrassment, hurt, frustration. Many times both their lifestyle and livelihood is threatened,” Zimmerman added.

Most devastating of all, is the impact on school aged children who can suffer hair loss for a variety of reasons. Often times these children are physically bullied by classmates. You may remember 15 years-old Knoxville teenager Ryan McDonald who was shot dead in his classroom last year. Ryan had alopecia, a condition that left him bald and the target of endless teasing as a child. In the first episode of Hair Loss Confidential, viewers met Myranda, who too was bullied and beaten in her Illinois high school.

Upon completion of the intervention, the hair loss sufferer receives a complete transformation at a hair restoration studio in their town that provides them with a cutting-edge life-changing look using the latest industry innovations in hair restoration.

Individuals who wish to nominate a person suffering from hair loss for a transformation can do so by visiting http://www.hairlossconfidential.tv/nominate.asp to download the application form. Subjects cannot be aware of their nomination.

To view the first three episodes of Hair Loss Confidential, go to the website at www.hairlossconfidential.tv

For further information: Yvonne Marchese of Hair Loss Confidential 602-550-6033 or [email protected]