Low Carb Diets Fail the Test

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People are having concerns about the low-carb diet fad. More often broadcast news tell us that people want to eat carbs and that there are potential health risks with the typical low-carb/high-fat diet. People are discovering that a diet without carbs leaves a void of the taste palette.


We like carbs. Further, claims of weight loss have prooved invalid. It seems a high percentage of people gain the weight right back after a year; similar to an ordinary weight loss program. Worse, many medical studies have shown a correlation between low-carb/high-fat diets and increases in heart attacks and arteriosclerosis due to the high-fat and high-cholesterol content.

Confusion regarding diet will peak again as the low-carb fad fades. Bacon or no bacon? Butter, margarine, or oil? (Which one has those bad

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