WineTime Bar Has Resveratrol Equaling to 50 Glasses of Wine

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WineTime Chocolate Bar

As amazing as it may sounds there are new types of chocolate nutrition bars that use red wine extract Resveratrol. Wine in a chocolate bar does sound strange, but wait until you taste it.

The Resveratrol WineTime™ Bar is the first food bar in the market containing resveratrol, the antioxidant in red wine acclaimed for its heart-healthy and anti-aging properties. In fact, there is as much resveratrol in one bar as you would find in 50 glasses of red wine.

The bar comprises rich dark chocolate, harmonized with dates and almonds. It is high in fiber (7 grams) and low in calories (190 calories). It also contains seven extra super fruits, cranberry, noni, pomegranate, goji berry, acai, mangosteen and blueberry. It is gluten free and dairy free. The high grade sources of resveratrol in the bar are a 99% pure compound and an extract from premium French red grapes harvested in the Rhône Valley.


When I shared the Wine Bar with some friends, at first they were skeptical. The reason was the image of wine that they saw on the Wine Bar package. Normally we don't associate chocolate bars with wines. But then, when they experienced the rich "full body" taste of the bar their attitude was changed immediately. Honestly, I was having second thoughts too before I tried the Winetime bar. After my first bite my experience changed as well.

Winetime is made by ResVez, Inc. It is run by husband and wife Malcolm and Sandy Nicholl.

Note that this nutrition bar is significantly expensive than your average chocolate bars that we see on food store shelves. A package with 10 bars inside is currently on sale at for $29.90. Still it is cheaper than the 50 glasses of wife.

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