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The Youngest Smoker Of The World: Started At Age 1.5

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The Youngest Smoker Of The World Liang Liang

This is Liang Liang, an ordinary 2.5 years old child who lives in China. Liang Liang smokes in a pack of cigarettes daily. As it turned out, his parents gave him the first cigarette at age 1.5 to relieve pain.

Liang Liang was born with hernia and it was dangerous to operate it his its infancy. The boy suffered from severe pain and to distract him from the anguish, the father gave him a smoke. Over time, Liang Liang got addicted to smoking. Now the parents can't force him to stop smoking.

The world's youngest smoker now lives in Tianjin. This is a sad situation. I read online many stories covering the news about the youngest smoker. However, none of them went any further reporting if any doctor is caring for this child. This is indeed dangerous for this child and hopefully the Chinese doctors or the government may take measures to help this young child to stop smoking.

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In this photo you can see LiangLiang holding a cigarette in his hand. The photo is used from Vokrug Sveta journal.

The Guinness Book of World Records is very unlikely and should not accept this odd case as a world youngest smoker record. In the past The Guinness Book of World Records has rightfully declined similar claims saying they promote bad habit. In this case, this indeed promotes the bad habit of smoking at an extraordinarily young age.

Hopefully this story will reach to the attention of the Tianjin doctors and authorities to help Liangliang to stop smoking

Sources: Vokrug Sveta, Ria Novosti, Fox News.



feel sorry for this little boy...this is a very serious matter..hopefully the goverment of china will make nessary steps on this matter.
Thts is a total disgrace why nt give him a vodka 2 go with it
Can't the government take this child and put him in a detox program before the nicotine ravages his poor little lungs by the time he hits adulthood with cancer, emphysema, asthma or a combination of both. These parents are not fit to be parents doing this to this poor child when he was not even old enough to have a say. It sure would be karma in the works if this child turned around in adulthood and sued his parents for contributing to a minor and child abuse!!!