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Myvic Electronic Cigarette: If you can't quit smoking then opt for healthier way to puff

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Myvic Electronic Cigarette

Fortunately, I have quit smoking for years. But for those who can’t quit, you would probably wanna try something new - an electronic version of cigarette from Myvic, which is deemed to be a healthier way of smoking that would keep you longer on this planet.

The Myvic Electronic Cigarette simulates ordinary cigarette, which it mimics almost everything, giving you smoke and the nicotine that you need. But it doesn’t contain the 4,000+ chemicals found in an ordinary cancer stick.

For a smoker, they crave nicotine only, as long as the nicotine is inhaled and gets into the blood stream and they’ll be satisfied. And nicotine is deemed not to cause cancer. There is no tar (which is toxic) and chemicals found on the Myvic stick, so you’ll be smoking more healthily.

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This electronic version of cigarette is also handy for places where “traditional smoking” is prohibited. But I’m wondering how you could convince others that this electronic stick is different from the ordinary cancer sticks, since it also produces smoke/vapor. As long as you could convince a pregnant woman who’s just next to you that the Myvic cigarette you’re puffing giving out harmless smoke, then you’d be free to do what you want! (Update: The blue LED at the top shines when inhaled, so it’d be convincing enough to tell it’s an electronic cigarette.)

Myvic Electronic Cigarette consists of 4 components: battery, atomizing device, Myvic Refill and an LED indicator. The main part is the atomizing device, which adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomizing technology to transform the high-purity nicotine diluent, extracted from tobacco into vapors which are then inhaled. The lithium rechargeable battery can last for around 30-60 ’smoking’ sessions or 300-600 mouthfuls. It’s also a much cheaper way of smoking than the ordinary cigarettes, which could save you couple of hundred bucks or more a year.

Reported by Tech Chee Medical.

Smoking Warning: eMaxHealth.com strongly warns against any type of smoking. Please quit smoking, it is dangerous and harmful to your health. However, while we thought we would repring this story about Myvic Electronic Cigarette at least to help those who can't quit. Perhaps it's still another path toward the cigarette free life.



Hey guys. These are really cool devices... I have actually have one myself... but when I puff on my device, the tip actually lights up blue. So it is easier to get away with it at places where they ban smoking. I think I can get use to smoking my Electronic Cigarette. Anyways these smoking devices are healthier than regular cigs, because you are taking in water vapor. And they are great conversation starters at clubs and bars.
These are very cool devices, however I would prefer to go with an <a href="http://www.halocigs.com">American Made Electronic Cigarette</a> like Halo. They have smoke juice (e-liquid) that is 100% American Made, so you don't have to worry about being poisoned by the Chinese. Johnny Blaze