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Secondhand Smoke Causes Nicotine Dependence In Kids

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Children who are being exposed to secondhand smoke coming from their smoking parents are at risk of developing nicotine dependence symptoms.

A joint team of researchers from nine Canadian health institutions looked at 1800 children aged from 10 to 12 from 29 Quebec schools. The children were questioned about their parents' smoking habits, whether they smoke near children (in car or at home) or no, about overall health and behaviour.

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Researchers reported that 5% of children who never smoked, but whose parents usually smoke when they are with kids, have developed nicotine dependence symptoms, such as depressed mood, trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, trouble concentrating and increased appetite.

Smoking parents can say that it is not logical for a non smoking child to suffer nicotine dependence symptoms, but the link exists, despite of the fact that many parents ignore it.

Jennifer O'Loughlin, who took part in the research, said: "These findings support the need for public health interventions that promote non-smoking in the presence of children, and uphold policies to restrict smoking in vehicles when children are present."

There have been numerous researches confirming that secondhand smoke can lead to nicotine dependence, smoking-related diseases. This study is just a reminder to educate the society that secondhand smoke is harmful, especially for developing children.