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Plastic Surgeon Finds Non-Invasive Method For Calf Treatment

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Female CALF Treatment

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. John Anastasatos has developed a non-invasive procedure to dramatically reduce calf and ankle size – a problem for a vast number of women with no effective treatment to date.

Thick calves and ankles, an aesthetic and emotional problem for a vast number of women across the globe, has been untreatable – until now. Leading Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, Dr. John Anastasatos, has broken new ground with the use of injectables by developing an excitingly fresh procedure utilizing Botox for strategic injections in selected leg muscles to create an effective treatment for women with oversized lower legs.

After a multitude of his female patients had sought his expertise for a solution to their plight, Dr. Anastasatos performed the procedure for the first time in early February, with astonishing results.

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After only one treatment, his patient’s calf and ankle mass decreased in size by five centimeters, with no loss of muscle activity and significant results occurring within only days of treatment.

“I’m extremely excited to announce an innovative treatment such as this to successfully and safely reduce the size of both the calf and ankle,” said Dr. Anastasatos. “The only existing attempt to cure this problem by professionals in my field has been through liposuction, which is painful, requires an operation, causes significant swelling post-operatively, has a prolonged recovery period, and ultimately, produces unsatisfactory results. My ‘calf cure’ procedure can provide women with an entirely new and effective way to tackle a significant problem area.” This procedure is totally different in the sense that it addresses thick lower legs due to muscle volume and not excess fat and/or skin.

Unlike previous unsuccessful attempts at reducing lower leg size via liposuction, this non-invasive procedure is performed in less than thirty minutes under local and topical anesthetics with minimal discomfort. The initial procedure rendered no downtime or loss of performance, with immediate recovery.

“The injections to certain leg muscles are administered in a precise, anatomic distribution pattern, and doctors unfamiliar with the anatomy should not perform this procedure,” added Dr. Anastasatos. “However, I’m confident to report this as an impressive development in the field of plastic surgery, and anticipate that remarkable results will continue to emerge.”

Dr. John Anastasatos is a leading aesthetic plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California, where he implements his Ivy League training along with his European style to patients all across the United States. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Anastasatos is an expert in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, abdomen and body, and specializes in minimal incision, minimally invasive and rapid recovery cosmetic operations. To learn more about Dr. Anastasatos, please visit him on the Web at www.niptucksurgeon.com.



Great job putting this together! I recently ran into The Patients Advantage when looking for plastic surgeons. It's a great way to find the best surgeons and it does not cost a dime.
How much is the cost of the non invasive surgery? Are there any plastic surgeons in the Boston area who are skilled in such surgery? My family has a history of short and stocky legs and although I'm a size 0 my legs are incredibly stressful and ugly to me.
I live in Jacksonville, Fl. Is there anything like this procedure done around this area and what would be the cost of it? Thank you.
I live in Jacksonville to interested in knowing surgeons related to surgery can you please let me know I've been searching with no answers thank you.
hello my name is Sophie and i am currently 16yrs old i will be 17 in January, on the 24th 2014. I have been suffering with insecurities and depression and some bullying now for some yrs due to my over sized calf muscles and cankles, i would love too just enjoy my teenage life without this fuss. This would be a life changing experience and an overwhelming shock if i took this surgery. This means the absolute world too me if i could have an injection for my calves to reduce the muscle or any sort of calf reduction including a cankle reduction and reducing the size. Thankyou for your time in reading this as it means so much too me! Thankyou! Yours sincerely Sophie... I will be overjoyed to hear your responce and offers.
my name is KD, do you guys have any areas in Minnepolis where I can go to get my calf reduction done, instead of coming all the way there? please let me know am interested.
Hi KD and Sophie - We don't do surgery. We report news. You could search the internet for someone in your area or even speak with your doctor about finding someone to do the surgery locally.
I was looking for a doctor in the Boston Massachusetts area that can perform this type of calf surgery I have very muscular legs and my calf are oversized. Really bothers me and I am looking to for a solution and the right doctor to do it.