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Do You Trust Facial Plastic Surgeons?

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Most people in USA trust facial plastic surgeons when it comes to rolling aging process back, shows the newly released survey on plastic surgery.

The survey is conducted by American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and it shows that most of those undergoing plastic surgeries are very picky while choosing a plastic surgeon. The survey covered Americans ages from 18 to 64 and found that on average 80% of them trust facial plastic surgeons, rather than general surgeons. Among those who were surveyed 83% of women and 78% of men agreed with this thesis.

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Older patients are more clever (54%) in making a plastic surgery decision than younger patients (46%). Those who undergo similar cosmetic surgeries several times a year are about 53% educated while choosing a surgeon.

The findings also showed that most Americans (85%) would like to have a surgery to look better and there is a 27% actual increase among those undergoing a plastic surgery. Eyelift was very popular among 26% of surveyed, 21% wanted a neck surgery, hair transplants scored 16%, nose jobs was 14% popular, 13% were interested in facelifts, 7% in chin augmentation, and lip enhancement comes the last with 3%.

Overall, the survey revealed that most of the Americans are making educated decisions while choosing a 'beauty doctor'. Those who want to look younger believe that facial plastic surgeons are much more experienced in head, neck, face surgeries, than general surgeons. They are now looking at surgeon's license and work experience in terms of duration and working sphere before undergoing a surgery.



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