Dogs and Cats Are Calmed By Relaxation Music

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News for some and not for others it turns out pets are calmed by relaxation music. A company called Pet Acoustics releases specifically designed music to create a calming environment for your pets and kids to enjoy together.

Pet Acoustics Inc, a company dedicated to bringing products to market that bring balance and well being to animals and the people that share their lives with them, releases the new album Relaxation Music for Pets and Kids. Joining the already popular line of Pet Acoustics pet and people cds, Relaxation for Pets and Kids provides a unique way for kids to bond with their pets. Available at iTunes, and, Relaxation for Pets and Kids comes with 9 tracks specifically composed to create a calming and relaxing environment for pets and kids.

Research shows that relaxing music improves a child’s mood and puts animals at ease. Composed by Co-founder of Pet Acoustics, musician and pet behaviour expert Janet Marlow, the orchestrations use instrumental melodies and upbeat styles to promote calm by accommodating pets’ and kids’ hearing acuteness. Each track is acoustically modified in frequency and decibel to stay within the comfortable range of both listeners, two-legged and four-legged.

“Children of today are the next generation of pet caregivers. More and more, having a pet is becoming a significant part of a family lifestyle,” says Janet. Life becomes extremely busy when you’re a parent. Just finding space and time for calm and relaxation almost has to be scheduled. Relaxation Music for Pets and Kids can give your child and their dog or cat some time to feel calm and to balance the hectic movement of modern life.”


Pet Acoustics’ recent releases include Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats, My Dog and Me, My Cat and Me, My Horse and Me, and now Relaxation Music for Pets and Kids. Each album will enhance your quality time together with your pet. While it’s ideal for times together, Pet Acoustics’ music is the perfect cure for pets that suffer from separation anxiety and thunderstorm nerves. Playing the music will fill your home with a sense of balance and well being, providing a more effective solution than leaving the television or radio on.

“Does this pet-smart speaker and pet-friendly music work? It did for Charlie. Fifteen minutes after I played the Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats through the My Pet Speaker unit, Charlie calmed down. Instead of jumping on me and slobbering all over me, he lay down and scratched his neck. Then he went to sleep."
- Eric A. Taub, New York Times

Relaxation for Pets and Kids tracks include:

1.Walkin' with My Dog
2.Reading Tales, Happy Tails
3.Cool With My Cat
4.Treats and Toys
5.Rainy Day By The Window
6.Quiet Time
7.Furry Friends
8.What Are You Dreaming Of?
9. Wags and Whispers

Pet Acoustics cds are now available at TJ Maxx and Marshalls retail stores,, or for download at

Written by Brad Hobbs