Research Doctor Proposes New Effective Cancer Treatment Method

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Dr. Julian Lieb presents a simple and highly cost-effective medical solution for infectious disorders and cancer treatment.

Immunostimulation holds the key to HIV/AIDS, countless other infectious disorders, and to cancer. The belief that compounds that stimulate immune function do not exist, and may even be beyond our reach, is a self-serving fiction imposed on society by countless vested interests.

Based on clinical observation, and comprehensive searches of the medical literature, I would favor antidepressants in HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, lithium as an antibiotic in hospital- acquired infections and methicillin-resistant staphylococcal infections.

There are more than fifty published laboratory experiments showing that antidepressants kill cancer cells, inhibit their proliferation, convert multidrug resistant cells to sensitive, protect nonmalignant cells from ionizing radiation and chemotherapy toxicity, and target the mitochondria of cancer cells while sparing those of healthy ones.

There is clinical and laboratory evidence that antidepressants have considerable potential in such treatment resistant malignancies as gliomas, neuroblastomas, hepatomas, and small and large cell cancers of the lungs.

Similar evidence for other malignancies entities is sure to follow. With various cancers emerging as a significant problem in relatively young people with AIDS, the immunostimulating, antimicrobial and anticancer properties of antidepressants offer vast humanitarian and economic benefits. Those wishing to explore the pharmacology of antidepressants with reference to AIDS and cancer should consult my articles, or do their own searching on Medline and Pubmed.

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About the author: Dr. Julian Lieb has been the Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine, 1979-1985.