Hollywood's Finest Stand Up To Cancer

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Stand Up To Cancer

Celebrities and the best TV anchors Stand Up To Cancer to fight cancer at standup2cancer.org by raising awareness and funds for research to find treatment for cancer.

"September 5th is a landmark day in the life of Stand Up To Cancer. Our main focus today is to make certain the incredible amount of your generous donations are swiftly processed. A limited version of our site will be available until the morning of September 7th," write the organizers of Stand Up To Cancer at www.standup2cancer.org.

At 8pm, NBC, CBS and ABC started broadcasting "Stand Up To Cancer," an hour-long, commercial-free, celebrity-filled fundraiser for cancer research. "Funding for cancer research is woefully lacking," ABC News anchorman Charlie Gibson tells The Orlando Sun. "As a country, we spend more checking shoes and purses at the airport than we do on cancer research." Gibson will be joined by competitors/colleagues Brian Williams and Katie Couric, whose lives and families - like everyone else's - have been impacted by cancer.

Here is a very good commentary by Wise Ideas on Stand Up To Cancer, which was prepared this morning before the show had begun.

Stand Up To Cancer is the brainchild of movie producer (Pretty Woman, As Good As It Gets, 3 Spider-Man's) Laura Ziskin - who is battling Stage-3 breast cancer. As it says on iVillage, the program will feature a number of celebrity cancer survivors, and is not your typical telethon. Ziskin calls it "edutainment designed to raise awareness and get cancer funding prioritized on the national to-do list."


Though he's been a powerful voice and dynamic force in the war against cancer, Lance Armstrong can't do it by himself - but he's been trying. In a hearing last spring chaired ironically by a then-healthy Senator Ted Kennedy, Lance testified before the Senate Health Committee questioning federal funding cuts to cancer research. A year ago, Armstrong hosted a Cancer Research Forum in Iowa featuring the only presidential candidates (at the time) who accepted his invitation to speak. They were John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee.

Tonight, Lance will be among the "celebrities" trying to break through the media bubble of the presidential campaign to remind us all that while cancer kills 1500 Americans a day - millions of Americans are living with various forms of the disease thanks to new treatments. Treatments that cost a lot of money (You can download all the stats at Cancer.org, the site of the American Cancer Society). Research to discover and develop new treatments cost even more.

Lance knows that wearing a yellow wristband is only a start. Digging into your pockets is the next step. As is putting pressure on the two remaining presidential candidates to make cancer research funding a priority in their administration.

A lot of promises are made during presidential campaigns. Cancer research funding is one that touches every single American - a win-win for everyone.

So tonight, don't go cruising the cable channels or on-demand or online for something to watch. Stick with the networks, and Stand Up To Cancer instead.

And finally, a shout out to friend and Mom-Wise's Sarah Moore - who is walking 60 miles this weekend in her 7th three-day Breast Cancer Walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You go girl. And remember - hydrate!