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Jett Travolta's Death Brings Kawasaki Syndrome In Focus

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According to Reuters Jett Travolta, the actor John Travolta's son has died today of a seizure while the family was vacationing in Bahamas. CNN reports that Jett Travolta had a developmental disability that his parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, have linked to Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory disorder of the artery walls that most commonly occurs in young children and can lead to heart disease.

Wisconsin Department of Health has a fact sheet about what is Kawasaki Syndrome

Kawasaki syndrome is a fever causing illness of children. The cause of Kawasaki syndrome is unknown. Approximately 15 cases a year are reported in Wisconsin.

Who gets Kawasaki syndrome?

Most cases occur in infants and children under age five; the illness is rarely seen in children older than 8 years old.
How is Kawasaki syndrome spread?

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Little is known about the way a person gets this syndrome or how it spreads. It does not appear to be transmitted from person to person.

What are the symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome?
All cases have a fever that does not respond to antibiotics. It lasts more than five days and is associated with a rash, swollen lymph nodes and red eyes, lips, throat and tongue. The rash is usually confined to the patient's trunk and is sometimes followed by a peeling of the skin on the hands and fingers.

Does past infection make a person immune?
Recurrences of the illness have been reported but they are extremely rare.

What is the treatment for Kawasaki syndrome?
Most patients are treated in the hospital where they can be closely watched. Aspirin and immune globulin are often prescribed.

What are the complications associated with Kawasaki syndrome?
The most frequent complication is coronary artery aneurysms (ballooning out of vessels in the heart). Other organs may become effected as well. Approximately 1-2 percent of cases die of the disease and its complications.

How can Kawasaki syndrome be prevented?
At the present time, preventive measures are unknown.

Our hearts go out to John Travolta's family during this very difficult time, and may God bless Jett.



My now 18 year old son had Kawasaki syndrome when he was three years old, and was treated at All Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL) with immune globulin and a month of aspirin treatment upon returning home. When he was 13 years old he began to suffer from "absence" seizures and at age 14 suffered from a grande mal seizure resulting in a broken shoulder and wrist. He was on seizure medication until age 16 1/2. I have always questioned his doctors about any connection between the Kawasaki and the seizures but the doctors do not seem to know, even his neurologist. I would appreciate any information about this connection.
A friend's daughter had a high fever for several days then later was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. I agree with her that the fever was the "cause" of this. She told the doctor not to let this happen to any future patient - not agressive enough treatment to lower temp -seems like a week +
My son was 6mths old when he was diagnosed with KD. This left him with an aneurysm which he has now fully recovered from as far as we know. Then at 11 he was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilespy. I also raised this with our Neuro and he stated that this has nothing to do with with Kawasaki. However I do think the press are really silly to start scaring everyone as seems we are all now searching!!
God bless you John & Kelly. Your loss is tremendous, yet there is peace in knowing that you son is in God's Kingdom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
it is so sad - bottom line - you are not suppose to out live your children
My heart & prayers go out to the family and friends of Jett. It's terrible pain their expierencing!
My deepest sentiment for your terrible loss. We`ll say a prayer for your son. God bless your family Maigua
Im Sorry For John's and Kelly's LOSS !! its so sad, he was so young too. may he rest in peace, i send my love out too you's and my prays. no parent should bery there own childern!! he was just younger then me life is way to short =( <333
My heart goes out to all of you. You should never have to lose your child and I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I pray that Jett is with our Lord and is no longer suffering. I know that doesn't help you much because you should never have to lose a child. I am just so sorry. Please try and hang together so you can help eachother and help your little girl get through this. You will always have the wonderful memories of your beautiful son. May God bless you and be with you through your sorrow and always. My thoughts will be with you too. Shawn
My deepest sorrowful condolences and my prayers go out to you and your blessed family. Your son Jett is now amongst the angels and will always look out for all of you just as you did him during his blessed life. We all should feel so lucky to have had him in our world when we did. May God bless the both of you and your family and my prayers will go out to all of you. Darrin L.
i'm deeply sorry for your loss. please accept my condolences for you and your family. my prayers are with you.
May God bless you and your family in your time of grief. May He wrap his loving arms around you and comfort you. May He hear your every prayer and console your every tear. May you turn your grief over to God, because he can handle it when you can't. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Velma Texas
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this terrible loss. Sincerely, All of Texas
Kawasaki Syndrome is cured through blood transfusions & aspirin treatments. This 16 year old boy wouldn't still have the illness, as well - the SERIOUS side effects of this syndrome is heart disease not brain damage. It is not known how children get KS, but Kelly Preston decided to investigate and now Scientology claims carpet cleaner causes it. Jett Travolta had AUTISM; which the Church of Scientology, Kelly Preston & John Travolta does not believe. He obviously had autism (http://x17video.com/celebrity_video/john_travolta/john_travolta_and_his_family_a.php) which lead their neighbor Tim Kenny, the father of a 4-year-old autistic girl to speak out. Kenny said that Travolta was in denial, "Scientology is keeping him from acknowledging his son's autism. They see it as a weakness". John's older brother Joey (Joseph) Travolta filmed the documentary 'Normal People Scare Me' about the disease. Hollywood had basically pleaded with Travolta to seek help for his son. The police report outlining the tragedy states that Jett went to the restroom on New Year's Day and was found by his caretaker the next morning at 10AM. Evidence showed that Jett had struck his head on the bathtub; maybe after a seizure or accidentally leading to a seizure. I'm betting he was struck in the head with a blunt object and left to die because the Church of Scientology saw Jett as an embarrassment.
u were doing well until the end U r so right about the effects of Kawasaki vs autism All one has to do is watch the videos It is so clear that there is some problem that IS not Kawasaki The high fever probably DID create a seizure disorder
SHAME on you!!
Is it at all possible that the illness Jett suffered at the age of two was misdiagnosed as Kawasaki? Yes. But… Is it possible that he had all the symptoms of the illness due to a toxic overload of chemicals from the golf course that the Travoltas lived on at the time? Not to mention he was exposed to the chemicals used in cleaning the carpets of the home. As I recall, the Travoltas called in a person to help them figure out the chemicals or any type of substance that could be causing his illness in or around the home. This person found that the groundskeeper did nighttime dowsing of fertilizing chemicals and insecticides without the knowledge of the residents. The fumes from the chemicals were directly pumped into the home (Jett's room in particular due to the HVAC intake/output) with Jett getting the most of the chemical effects while he slept. (We all know or have heard of the effects of huffing, just imagine your child breathing in chemical fumes 10 hours a night and tell me that there won’t be any brain damage). I think young children cannot process a large amount of toxins in the body and their organs shut down if they cannot keep up with the large amount in their system. It taxes their organs and lymphnodes to try to remove the foreign materials. The Travoltas had their son go through a Detox that helped remove toxins from his system but I believe that the overload of chemicals caused the child to have brain damage and in turn also his seizures. Also, from what I have read of the Kawasaki Syndrome/Disease is that it causes fever for a long period of time and is treated with aspirin and salicylate conatining medications, which we all know have been linked to Reye's syndrome in young children which effects the brain and liver. Plus, fever has been know to also cause brain damage if too high or goes for too long. I believe that it is more possible that he had an overload of chemicals, causing him to have symptoms of Kawasaki with strain on his organs (especially the liver and brain) and eventually ended up in hospital being given large amounts of aspirin. All of these factors (the fertilizers, insecticides, carpet cleaning chemicals, aspirin, medications) caused him brain damage that was irreversible, causing developmental delays and deficiency which , to those looking from the outside in, can be confused with Autism. My son was toxic after his 18 month vaccination and regressed severely, he also suffered absence seizures. We thought he had autism but after a year of changing his diet, removing chemicals from our home, homeopathic remedies, therapy and lots of love he is a healthy child who will be 4 soon. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had not done research and continued using the home chemicals and all the foods with the additives, colorings, chemicals etc. He may not have recovered. Our body was not meant to handle toxins of the nature that their son was exposed to and I believe that they have done everything that they could for their child. I do not believe that their religion has anything to do with their son's illness and subsequent death. My heart goes out to them. P.S. The autopsy revealed that he died from a seizure and there was no evidence of any head trauma. I hope that the Jett’s family can have peace and that others will look within themselves before judging, especially at such a time of sadness and grief.
May you rest in peace, my deepest sympathies to all your family and friends who will miss you so dearly! God Bless Claire
No matter what the reason for the death of John & Kelly Travolta's son Jett, no one should have to lose anyone especially their child in this manner. I have a child with both epilepsy and ASD and although the medication she is taking at the moment is working the side effects are horrendous and horrible to watch. She still has breakthrough seizures and we are never sure if one of these will be the one that she does not survive. Those who wish to judge or pass hurtful, spiteful remarks please remember that Karma is an extremely powerful thing. The world doesn't have to be a hateful place! Sometimes there is no explanation for events that happen in our lives only how we chose to deal with them. I hope and pray that the travolta family pull together and draw strength from any belief, higher power or person that they can or chose, to help them through this difficult and sad time. All my sincere love and prayers. Lyndsay Northern Ireland BT24
From The Atlantic Weekly I am a pediatric emergency room physician. We occasionally diagnose Kawasaki Disease (now properly called Kawasaki Syndrome) in young children. There are so many things wrong with the story of Jett's death that I am not sure where to start, but here's a try: 1) NO association between Kawasaki and "toxic carpet cleaning chemicals" (or any other environmental cause) has ever been established. Given that these chemicals are ubiquitous in our society, if there were an association I would expect Kawasaki to be much more common. 2) As far as I know, Kawasaki disease does not lead to brain injury or seizures. I suppose one could conjecture that if Jett had untreated heart problems from Kawasaki (which CAN happen) this could have led to a heart attack that led to seizures and death, but it sounds like Jett had seizures for a long time, which makes this a bit of a reach. 3) It would be incredibly rare to bump your head and die from a seizure. We see children every day with seizures, and not once have I seen a child bump his head hard enough to have a brain injury from this. Of course, prolonged seizures or seizures that occur while doing something dangerous (driving, swimming, etc.) can lead to brain injury, but otherwise this is a stretch. Also, autistic children can exhibit self-injurious behavior, especially if untreated, and can exhibit behavior such as intentianally hitting their heads agains walls or other hard objects. It is much more likely that a head injury led to brain injury (the cause of death) and the seizure than the other way around. 4) For John Travolta (and the news media) to report that Jett died from either Kawasaki or a seizure is incredibly irresponsible. I gurantee you that we will see 30 children in our emergency department in the coming days whose parents have read this trash and are worried that their child is at risk for death from one of these causes, and every parent with a child who has a seizure disorder will now lose more sleep because of this BS. I am eager to learn what the autopsy shows, but unfortunately I don't think the questions of autism or a seizure preceding death can be diagnosed at autopsy.
My son had KD 2 years ago with no heart issues 2 weeks after. He is at a slightly higher risk for developing as time goes on than another equal child. Since this tragedy, I have had about 8 friends and relatives call me and show their concern. My mom even wanted me to call our Dr, (Dr. Burns in Sd who is a research Dr. in the area). Thankfully I was able to assure them that KD does not cause Autsim or death (And that if he did die of a heartattcak then its something to look at but if it was a seizure (that apparantly he had had in the past) then its unrelated..at least by a hands distance. For some years I thought the Travoltas misrepresantation was alarming and hurtful...I understand their need for their privacy and thats fine..so say nothing...not untruths. Not willing to see their sons autism or Dd is their business...but blaming it on something he had when he was 2 is sad. It hurts the Autism society and the KD society. Sad all around. MD
I agree with everything the ER MD wrote about Kawasaki Disease (KD). My 4-year old boy just passed away from KD, four weeks ago today. So I've read just about everything that exists about it. And my son was treated by the country's leading KD expert, out of Boston Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, his KD progressed to ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which was ultimately fatal. The fact that Jett had KD as a child has nothing to do with his death. It's part of his medical history but there is no causal relationship. That said, if it brings awareness of KD to the general public, that would be a good thing that the death of my beloved son could not accomplish. Celebrity deaths always help in this media-driven world, sad to say. My heart goes out to the family. I know what it's like.
My husband had a seizure disorder, however he did not have kawasaki syndrome. The reason I am posting a reply is due to the fact that my husband DIED in 2002, due to the lack of concern from an ER doctor. My husband had two seizures ( Grand Mal ) back to back...within minutes of each other. When this would happen, I would take him to the ER, for further treatment, normally 450 mg of IV DILANTIN. For some reason, during the 25 yrs of having this disorder, occasionaly my husband's medication would have to be changed, as his body would ABSORB the medications,thus resulting in more frequent seizures. This ER was told this, he was told that we were in the process of having the medication CHANGED. My husband ( Terry ) was on dilantin and Depakote. He was to be switched from Dilantin to Keppra. However, this ER doctor chose to intimidate me, told me I didn't know what I was talking about etc. I begged him to just look at PRIOR records of my husbands, which I doubt if he did. Three nurses in that ER told this Dr. that I was not someone who was hysterical, and that my husband wasn't brought in to the ER on a REGULAR basis. ( In other words, if I thought he needed treatment, I would bring him in ASAP ! ) However, this ER doctor refused to comply with anything I said.....I finally called my husband's neurologist in Ann Arbor, and this Dr. told me to GET HIM OUT of that ER, and transfer him ASAP via helicopter to U OF M. I attempted to do so......although my husband had another seizure, and DIED within the ten minutes it took to order the helicopter. My main comment here is that MORE DOCTORS should listen to their patients, and THEIR families ( the patients family ) THIS tragedy could have been avoided had this doctor LISTENED, and administered the 450 mg of IV dilantin. WHAT would it have hurt to do what I asked ? Of course it wasn't this DOCTOR's FAMILY that lost a loved one. As far as I am concerned this doctor should have lost his license. This was gross neglegence period. I lost a SOUL-MATE, and the most wonderful father for our children. After this happened, I questioned a few Doctors that I knew, and they ALL said that they certainly would have LISTENED to me, done what I asked....plain and simple. NO one had any reason for WHY this doctor did not do as he was asked. ( HE was even asked to call the Neurologist if he had doubts as to my STORY.) If you learn nothing else from this story, you as a doctor should learn above all things to listen to a chronically ill patients family. Please listen.....and perhaps a terrible tragedy could be avoided. Thanks for letting me vent here.......I just find it important to let others know that people DO DIE from seizures, however sometimes it can ( and could have ) be avoided.
If Jett did have Kawasaki's, isn't it very likely that he was treated with aspirin? Aspirin has been shown to cause Reye's syndrome in children. Kawasaki's does not seem to cause a history of ongoing seizures or any direct brain damage. However, Reye's does effect the brain and can cause lasting damage such as learning disabilities, language difficulties, motor difficulties, etc. And these are some of the same symptoms associated with Autism!! I'm not sure if Reye's could cause ongoing seizures, or a sort of acquired epilepsy, but it seems possible given the associated brain damage. Just a thought... All that really matters though, is that Jett tragically lost his life at a young age. My heart goes out to his family. As a side note, I too find it very irresponsible for high profile media personalities to disseminate information that is so controversial. For example, someone like Cruise, who claims psychiatric medications to be unnecessary and some sort of medical propaganda, could cause severely depressed patients to forgo their medications when they are already ambivalent about adherence due to depression. Severely depressed people are at a highly increased risk of suicide. To allow people to believe or to propagate Scientology as a cure-all for mental health problems is extremely irresponsible (especially among people that have the potential power to reach many others and create belief, i.e. actors). Many Christians commit suicide, many believers of other faiths do as well, yet their belief has not cured them of depression! How do Scientologists, then, believe that their belief will cure disorders? These are actors playing God.
I'm so sorry for your loss , my prayers go out to you John , Kelly, and Ella Blu. No parent should go through what you're going through it breaks my heart to know that your son is gone i have a daughter the same age and i don't know what i would do hang in there my heart and prayers are with you . Love Maria FL
Many kids are diagnosed with Epilepsy at this age. Perhaps even if he didn't have kawasaki syndrome, it still would have happened. He's lucky he out grew it, as many teens do not. I'm wondering why they use "a history of seizures" instead of the word Epilepsy.
No words can express the sorrow I have in my heart for the Travolta family at his time. May you find help through your faith and love for each other the strength to get through your loss. I can't imagine ever losing a child. May God bless you all. Linda
scientoligist, they dont believe in meds, is this true?
Kelly and John the heart of our family goes out to you and your beautiful daughter. I Have always felt it is unnatural to bury your children before your self. Maybe it is God's way to remind us that our children are precious every day and we shold love them like it will be their last day. I'm sure Jett had a wonderful life and fantastic parents. Remember never to sell yourself short over something you sould have said or done with Jett. I think all parents have a tendency to do just that. I have made it 12 months, this December for the loss of someone very dear in my life and only now am I beginning to see and feel the sunlight again, Remember your son and morn for him as long as it takes, everyone if different. You will know when it will becomes easier. Take your time, it is good for your soul. I lean on my friends and I write letters to my love ones, this is my way and it helps me. You will find something that will help you also. I will keep you in my prayers. My sincere thoughts for the trying days ahead, Judi Davis Wilmington NC
I agree with the ER Doc completely. What’s not at question here is the pain of this family and the tragic death of this child. What is at question is that seizure is not indicated with Kawasaki Disease, nor are household cleaners with its on-set. What is more likely scenario is that 1 in 4 adolescents with Autism develop seizure, and left untreated can lead to death. Since the Scientology organization does not believe. . . A. that the brain is an organ that can malfunction - just like the liver, kidney, pancreas etc B. in Medical Psychiatry C. in Psychotropic medication D. subsequent Psychiatric disorders Then this child would not have been on medication If the death of this child has possibly been caused by non-scientific healthcare practices adhered to by Scientologists then the Travolta family may live with the fact that they inadvertently murdered their own child. It's horrific.