Jump Rope Accident Causes Girl To Lose Hand

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A six-year-old girl from South Bay, California had her hand ripped from her arm in a bizarre accident that involved a jump rope.

The young girl was sitting in the back of her family’s SUV and playing with the jump rope when she lowered a portion of the rope out the window. The other end of the jump rope was tied in a not around her wrist and when the loose end attached itself to the SUV’s axle it tightened the rope until it eventually ripped her hand off.


Erica Rix began screaming and her mother pulled over and discovered her daughter’s hand had been severed. A passing motorist used a belt to stop the bleeding and Rix was rushed to a local hospital where surgeons were able to reattach the hand.

The above part is reported by Trans World News

Now nbc11.com reports that surgeons reattached south Bay Girl's hand after he jump rope accident.

"Erica doesn't have feeling or movement in her hand yet but doctors hope that will change with future surgeries. She will also have to undergo extensice physical therapy to help regain use of her hand."