Chickenpox Vaccine Saves Lives, But Some Parents Ignore It

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Chickenpox vaccine has already shown how powerful it is, how it can reduce health risks associated with the disease. However, some parents still avoid vaccinating their kids.

A report from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges that parents ignoring chickenpox (varicella) vaccine harm not only their children, but also health of other children. If every single person follows all vaccination recommendations, it will be very easy to fight disease, but if even only one person who doesn't get a vaccine and contracts a disease, he becomes a potential threat to others as well.

One single dose of chickenpox vaccine cuts disease risk by 85%. During the period between 1995 and 2005 varicella associated hospitalization cases decreased by 75%, death cases by 74%. This is a major success for scientists, but they urge that a second phase of vaccination is necessary to cut the risk further.

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CDC's analysis shows that there are number of parents who don't realize the risks associated with chickenpox. Nowadays, every single child can avoid health complication caused by varicella thanks to scientific achievements. However, only scientists themselves understand the importance of the vaccine.

Children who contract the disease first of all suffer a major health stress. Secondly, they can spread the disease and make others suffer. Third, their parents suffer emotional and financial problems because they will need to care for their sick children. Finally, it is a significant financial and economical loss for the Government to have a 1 weak school-off , plus healthcare expenses.

There are even cases when parents decide when their children need to contract varicella: they plan the time according to their daily routine and expose their children to someone who already has the disease. After getting the disease, the child already has a prepared immune system and will not contract the disease unexpectedly. This is an extremely dangerous approach, because children can sometimes have very complicated health outcomes.

Researchers now urge that even though the chickenpox vaccine exists and it is very strong, the disease is still alive. Science alone can't fight the disease, collective approach is needed to entirely root out varicella. If everyone understands how important vaccination is, scientific tools will work much better.



if the vaccine worked, why would vaccinated children have to worry about the kids who don't get the shot? The truth is, it's more complicated that this. There are serious risks with taking the vaccine as well. please read more on the topic and make an informed decision.
I am an older adult, had the Chicken Pox when I was a child. Now I find that when an older adult comes in contact with someone that has Chicken Pox, I get shingles, other words known as herpes something. The vaccine for this type of Chicken Pox is not given to an adult until they reach the age of 60. Now I have several years of discomfort do to Shingles, can not go to work, be around my grand children, shop or anything else that may put other adults at risk. This is because some Mom had to go shopping with an infected child who may have picked up an article of clothing or brushed beside me in a department store. If you do not get your child vaccinated.....hope you get this disease when you are older!!!!!