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Vornado Air Purifiers Gets Good Notice

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Vornado Air Purifier

Vornado Air Purifiers use Vortex Action Technology, exclusive to Vornado, to circulate and filter clean air throughout the entire room. Vornado's Purifiers are true Whole Room Purifiers becuase without complete room circulation, the air cleaner is only cleaning the immediate area around the unit. Vornado Air Purifiers are effective and powerful with up to 6 air changes per hour in an area of up to 324 sq. ft.

New air purifiers from Vornado!

The Air Quality System 500, whole room air purifier. Draws air in through two High Allergen / Maximum Dust air filters trapping Pollen, Pet Dander, Bacteria, Mold Spores, Dust Mite Debris and Smoke Particles. The Vornado Air Purifier uses Vortex Technology to fully circulate the air in the room. Air cleaners that do not fully circulate the air only clean the immediate area around the unit. Offers superior performance and near silent operation, as quiet as a personal desktop computer on low speed. Equipped with LED indicators that display personal settings and a full-function remote control. This air purifier features 3 speeds, timer, and a change filter indicator to aid in the timely replacement of filters. 2 Filters included. Does not emit ozone.

Another air purifier from Vornado is the The Vornado AQS25 Air Purifier.

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The Vornado AQS25 Air Purifier uses Vortex technology, exclusive to Vornado, to circulate clean air throughout the entire room(s). Because if the air isn't being circulated, the air cleaner is only cleaning the immediate area around the unit. This home air cleaner actually does 6 air changes per hour in an area of up to 305 sq. ft.! The Vornado AQS25 uses HEPA filtration which removes up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants including: pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, odors and more. Uses a two-stage filtration with a PreSorbĀ® prefilter which confines larger particles before air continues through the HEPA filter. Both filters are disposable and easy to replace. Does not emit ozone. 1 HEPA filter and 3 PreSorbĀ® Filters Included.

The Vornado AQS 500 air purifier has a good testimonial. Here is what Nicholas writes about this air purifier.

"The second i bought this i plugged it in my room and WOW, I came back ten minutes later to crisp fresh air. Dander and pollen were no longer a problem. Allergies kill me but this thing works magic; I love it!

Nicholas L.

Air purifiers have also some good health benefits. This story from Luxury Home Stuff discusses 16 health benefits of air purifiers about which you probably didn't know.