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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Agent To Purchase Health Insurance

Health Insurance Agent

Since the Affordable Care Act began there has not been a lot of engagement with insurance agents. When they are mentioned they are most often portrayed as commission hungry vultures looking for victims to put in any insurance plan that that will benefit them the most monetarily. While that is the opinion of many it’s not reality.


There are many factors that an agent has to consider before recommending an insurance plan to a consumer. Are the client’s doctors and medications in the plan? Does the plan fit the client’s budget? What is the ethical thing to do? Most insurance agents are required by the insurance companies to carry liability insurance for their protection. Most of all most agents’ goal is to do the best they can to meet their client’s needs with the hope of building life long relationships.

So why should you use an insurance agent?

1. It’s free. It cost you nothing to use an agent. It does not affect the cost of your policy

2. An agent can make recommendations and help you to compare plans. Navigators call center representatives, and other assisters are not authorized to do this. An agent can help you to see that the cheapest plan is not always the best plan the same as the most expensive plan may not be the best plan either.

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3. Insurance agents use their real names not aliases as some call centers do. They give you their contact information. You always know who you are dealing with. There is no need to repeat yourself each time you call. Good insurance agents document their calls and keep you informed about your case.

4. ACA (Affordable Care Act) Certified agents can help you solve problems with policies both on and off the exchange. They can also work as advocate for you when you have issues with the insurance company.

5. When you use an agent you can skip the long wait times on hold with the call centers and the insurance companies especially during the Open Enrollment Period. In states that use the Federal Exchange you will need to do a one-time three way call to authorize your agent to work on your behalf. It’s best to give the authorization for 365 days or 1 year this way your agent can help you at any time during the year without initiating a three way call on each occasion. This will save time both for you and your agent.

But what if you want to submit your application on your own without using an agent? You can do so. If you choose not to use an agent you will have to resolve any problems you have on your own. Many people seek an agent when they become frustrated after getting the run around.

Many agents that have been working with the ACA since the beginning are using authorized web broker sites to do enrollments. They will be happy to provide you with information as to how you can use their sites to complete your enrollment either on your own or with the assistance of your agent. When you do this you will be provided with the agents contact information, which you will only need to use if you feel you, need the agents help during the year. Otherwise submit your application and you are done.