Did you know McCain plans to tax your health care benefits?

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The mainstream media has barely mentioned John McCain's plan to tax the health care benefits people receive from their employers. Since the corporate-owned media isn't providing this information, we need to get the facts to the voters.

Please spread the word on John McCain's radical proposal that would increase the taxes of most Americans and ultimately reduce the availability of affordable, comprehensive health care.

About John McCain’s Plans To Tax Your Health Care Benefits

Few people know that John McCain’s proposal for health care is to tax the health care benefits you currently receive from your employer. Did you know this? Even the conservative Dallas News has called McCain’s health care proposals “more radical” than anything ever proposed by the Democrats.

Many health care economists are now predicting that if McCain’s proposal became law, most companies would begin eliminating health care benefits as part of the compensation offered to their workforce.


If you and your family need the health care benefits you receive from your job, and if don’t want to pay taxes on those benefits, you need to learn more about McCain and his plans for health care.

More information on McCain’s plans to tax your health care benefits is offered at the links below.

Please pass this email on to your friends, family and co-workers. Anyone who currently receives their health care benefits through their employer should know about the McCain health care plan: