Guide To Sleep Well And Live Better

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Sleeping Well

Sleep disorders claim many people who fall victims to nights without sleep. The sleep disorder rates are particularly high in France. According to a study published in 2007, almost one in two french believe they suffer from lack of sleep. To help this situation National Institute for Prevention and Health Education has published a free guide called "Sleep well, live better."

The sleepings hours before the midnight, are they double counted? What if we are flying in an airplane? How do we sleep there? Why should we avoid the sport in the evening. There are some of the few questions to which the sleeping guide answer. Although sleeping is sometimes a test of strength, our lifestyles and our work schedules often involve irregular hours of rest. When adding to this a birth of a child, the stress, the noise and etc... enjoying the benefits of sleeping recovering is not so simple anymore.


However, sleep well and allows enough to face each new day. Sleeping is a vital biological function in which we draw our energy. It is a major cause of a physical and psychological balance. Sleeping is essential to reduce stress.

Through its 28-page educational and illustrated materials, this first guide for "Sleep Well" is intended to help people to develop a better quality of sleep by giving advice tailored to each profile sleeper. This means that many of us can be helped by this guide. According to the study of the INPE (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education), created two years ago, while the majority (98%) of us has a positive sleep, 4 5 % feel they are not getting enough sleep, almost one out of 5 in France is also in chronic sleep debt "and more than one in ten suffers from insomnia.

Note that these last five years, we have lost 1.5 hour of sleep on average per day. To learn how to sleep better, you can download the guide "Sleep well, live better" on the site of the Inpes, it's free!

Source: Press release "Sleep well, live better", 23 June 2009