Fitbit tracks physical activities and and sleep patterns

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Many gadgets these days are able to track our physical activities as well as our sleep patterns. From that on, they tend to lead you to adjust to some suitable frequencies and patterns, to make you a healthier one. Fitbit is another gadget that tracks your physical activities and sleep patterns.

Fitbit comes with a motion sensor that is able to track your motion in 3 dimensions. It counts how many steps that you’ve taken as well as making use of the collected data to analyze how many calories that you’ve burned based on the intensity and duration of your activities. Such as the distance you’ve traveled, even how often you woke up at night and how long it took for you to fall asleep.


Some more, Fitbit follows the recent trend i.e. uploading and storing the collected data online. You get a free Fitbit website account which allows you to track and view nice reports of your physical activities and sleep patterns over time. See more about Fitbit and how to order.

Fitbit also comes with a wireless docking station which allows the device to upload the data onto the website when it’s in range. The Fitbit’s rechargeable battery will last for 10 days between charges. There is a little blue OLED display on the device which lets you have instant view of your steps, calories and distance while you’re not in front of a PC.

The Fitbit device is scheduled to hit the market in the first quarter of 2009 for a price of $99. If you’re a health conscious geek, you’ll definitely not want to miss this device as it should be a good helper to gear you towards a healthier lifestyle by learning your physical activities and sleep patterns.

Reprinted with permission from Tech Chee Medical blog.