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Back Pain Natural Solutions Discussed in Book

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Most of us experience back pain at some point our lives - in fact the Mayo Clinic reports that 80 percent of Americans will suffer from low back pain. No matter what form back pain comes in, it can hinder our productivity at work, cause sleeplessness, and make everyday activities - like exercising - next to impossible.

So what are those of us with mild to excruciating back pain to do when it comes to staying fit and healthy?

Exercises for Back Pain presents a natural and cost-effective solution to an agonizing problem. Learn the root cause of your discomfort, how back pain affects your overall health and well-being, and practical exercises you can do to treat the pain. Along with rehabilitative exercise regimes for both men and women who suffer from back pain or for those who have undergone back surgery, Exercises for Back Pain includes:

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• Cutting-edge clinical treatments on back pain
• Specific exercises that strengthen the back
• A training log to track your progress

Easy-to-follow picture sequences with clear instructions make the healing process a simpler one. Get started on the road to a more comfortable life, and pick up a copy of Exercises for Back Pain—just remember to lift with your legs.

William Smith, MS, NSCA, CSCS, MEPD, works with athletes and post-rehab clientele and has been competing in triathlons and marathons since 1998. He was a Division I Collegiate Strength Coach and founded Will Power and Fitness Associates. He currently consults for fitness, healthcare, and wellness centers in New York and New Jersey.

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Exercises for Back Pain
The Complete Reference Guide to Caring for Your Back through Fitness
A Hatherleigh Book, Distributed by Random House
978-1-57826-304-2, $15.00 paperback