Medisana Features HWR6500 Back Pain Relief System

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Medisana Back Pain Relief System

This morning as I was visiting the website of Medisana I noticed they are featuring this HWR6500 Back Pain Relief System and thought would take a look at it and explore deeper. Then I looked around online and saw some reviews have already surfaced in other blogs.

The product description of Medisana Back Pain Relief System reads that it provides relief of lower back pain associated with sore and aching muscles without the side effects common with some pain relief medications. "Through Medisana's TENS Technology, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, many people are able to resume daily activities without the nuisance of lower back pain."

Medisana Back Pain Relief System also comes with a red WARNING: It says "do not use this system if you have a cardiac pace maker, implanted defibrillator or any other implanted metallic or electronic device. Do not use this System if you have undiagnosed chronic pain. If pregnant, consult physician prior to use."


Medisana claims that the Back Pain Relief system is "doctor recommended," but I did not see any further information about that. It would be good to see some evidence of that and under which sircumstance the doctors have recommended Medisana Back Pain Relief System.

In the Features area the company says that the back pain relief system has an easy-touch where hand-held controls allow you to customize your therapy. It stimulates body's natural pain killers according to the manufacturer.

The Medisana Back Pain Relief System Package Includes:

* Support belt
* Snap cables
* Digital dual channel stimulator
* Self-adhesive stimulator pads
* Operation manual
* Convenient carry case
* 9-volt battery



My 68 y/o neighbor has used this for vaginal stimulation with mixed success. She said that it's a bit cumbersome to wear under her pants while she's outside since the harness was made for the back. My guess is that it's less conspicuous when worn on the back. She has asked the manufacturer if it made a crotch harness. I have back problems and am considering buying one so I asked her for advice. She said that she has never used it on her back but offered to lend me hers. Considering where it's been, I politely said no. So far, I've heard good things about this unit (for the back) but there are so many models for less that I'm wondering if this is the best "bang for the buck." When I asked my neighbor about this, she said that it's the "best bang she's had since her husband left her." Has anyone compared this to other TENS units that costs $50-$100?
Bought one on WOOT for $50 and love it. Bought some accessories today from Medisan and discovered that they cost $150. Guess I got a good deal