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Project Natal For Xbox 360 Is More Than A Game

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Project Natal Responds To Wii Fit

There is nothing stupid about Project Natal 360 for Xbox. It is more than a game. It is a great way to get up and move, while spending memorable time with the family. Sitting around punching a controller is restricting, which makes Project Natal more than just a game, it can serve as an exercise and fitness tool as well.

Consider the feel-good possibilities of Project Natal. The device allows full body movement through voice recognition and physical movement. You can interact with virtual people, play soccer, or scan your own skateboard some healthy benefitis year round – especially beneficial when the weather is uncooperative. Project Natal means no excuses for sitting around doing nothing.

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“Ricochet”, is a game akin to soccer. The body game requires use of your entire body to bounce balls toward targets. It is a prototype game premiered during the Project Natal press briefing. The idea is to let you move freely, without worrying about game controllers, but if you look a little beyond gaming, Project Natal is a healthy interactive gizmo.

Project Natal just may be Microsoft’s answer to Wii Fit, with many extras. Getting kids up off the couch for some interactive play is nothing short of beneficial. The same is true for millions of obese adults.

Project Natal makes use of a small box that connects to the bottom of your television. The box recognizes voice, and arm movement controls the menu. You can box, skateboard, practice Kung Fu moves, or just jump around. Project Natal is a new way to play, laugh and get moving, engaging the entire family. No launch date is set, but the Project Natal technology is light years ahead of other interactive games, and much healthier than sitting around gaming with controllers.

Watch a video here.