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How Daily Motion Exercise Can Make You Feel Younger

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As we age, getting off the couch to exercise gets difficult, and even a little noisy. Sometimes creaky bones and muscles can make more noise than a busted spring in the sofa, but there is a way to break the cycle, and you don’t have to join a health club to do it.

Scott Sonnon, author of Free To Move from RMAX.tv Productions (YourPainFreeMobility.com), believes that mobility is the body’s own anti-aging agent, and can be used to improve everyone’s all-around health. And his message resonates with consumers and celebrities alike. He also coaches such star clients as Peta Wilson and Donna Karan, and his methods will soon be taught throughout the country at Equinox Gyms.

“When you bathe each joint in nutritive lubricative flow, you revitalize ‘endogenous energy,’ an energy independent of outside sources,” Sonnon said. “Mobility removes aches and pains which are the body’s last attempt to communicate with your brain that injury is imminent. Mobility halts and reverses accelerated aging which happens not only from physical activities, trauma and injuries, but also from daily living in a gravitional field. As such, mobility is the elixir of life, a truly innate fountain of wellness.”

According to Sonnon, what many people don’t realize - which physical therapists have known for decades – is that mobility heals."

“Without moving each joint every day, you are literally starving to death, accelerating the aging process,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re 87 or 17, all conditioning is specific, and without the proper lubrication and nutrition throughout the web of connective tissue (called the myofascial matrix) only aches, pains, injuries and illness can occur.”

But more than simply keeping you healthy, mobility can also heal injuries, whether they occurred 5 years ago or 5 minutes ago. Sonnon offers five tips suitable for anyone who wants to feel the healing effects of mobility:

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Mobility takes only 8-14 minutes a day for 100% medical benefits, whereas conventional exercise is touted at 2 hours / day. You need energy to spend energy - mobility gives you energy not depletes it!

Mobility expands or diminishes. The central nervous system craves complexity, so if we're not improving our movement, we're literally falling apart.

Mobility is the only way to distribute nutrition throughout the myofascial matrix (joint capsules' synovial fluid, and bones' ground substance), since the only joint which still provides blood flow after puberty is the jaw.

Mobility can make you for once in your life pain-free, but what lies on the other side of painlessness is an even greater gift than the absence of agony: it's the unlimited abundance of energized potential to do what you want, when you want with as much passionate zeal as you can imagine.

Sonnon’s main message is to move it or lose it. If you move in the body's three-dimensional capabilities every day (actually 6 degrees of freedom, not merely tri-planar), you may age, but you don't grow old. Mobility can heal old injuries or new injuries, can restore the body's natural healing conduits, and can abolish chronic pain. Mobility can act as a performance enhancer for sports, but more importantly a longevity enhancer for life. Mobility is our front line and our last line of aliveness!

Known around the world as the “Flow Coach,” Scott Sonnon has become an inspiration to millions of people through his incredible story of triumph and dedication to helping others. Despite incredible obstacles, his trek across the world learning alternative methods of health improvement led him to become a USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion (earning him the former USSR’s highest athletic distinction: “Honorable Master of Sport”). His personal success led him to become the go-to mobility expert for the UFC, NHL, NFL and MLB and he serves as fitness advisor to the International Youth Conditioning Associations, the National Active Aging Council, the Radiant Recovery Ranch, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, the National Strength Conditioning Association, the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute. He also coaches such star clients as Peta Wilson and Donna Karan and his methods will soon be taught throughout the country at Equinox Gyms YourPainFreeMobility.com.

By Scott Sonnon