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Dr. Oz Lists 15 Ways to Relieve Most Common Pregnancy Symptom

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Dr Oz, who frequently appears on Oprah show and discusses health matters today shares his thought on pregnancy and shares 15 ways one can relieve one of the most common pregnancy symptom: the morning sickness. Speaking of managing and relieving morning sickness during pregnancy Oz says while many things many help not all of them will really work. Thus, he says, it is important to try and experiment some of those ways and see what works and what does not work.

Some 15 ways of relieving the morning sickness.

* Keep 100 percent whole grain crackers by your bed. Eat a few as soon as you wake to get something in your stomach before you start moving around.
* Eat a diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates.
* Sip chicken broth to help you get some calories in along with the liquid.
* Stick with cold foods - hot foods have a stronger smell, which can trigger queasiness.
* Take a 6 mg vitamin of B6.
* Eat leafy greens because they're rich in vitamin K, which seems to help.
* Eat brown rice - try this RealAge recipe.
* Try acupuncture.
* Wear acupressure wristbands to stimulate pressure points.
* Brew fresh ginger root in a cup of tea, or take a 300 mg capsule.
* Get light exercise.
* Use a mouth rinse after vomiting and after each meal to keep your mouth fresh, reduce nausea and reduce the amount of tooth decay that can occur from the interaction of stomach acid with enamel.
* Meditate to help control stress. Morning sickness is more common in women under a lot of stress.
* Explore homeopathic remedies. They are hotly debated within the medical community but are unlikely to cause harm. Nux Vomica seems to help with nausea and irritability.
* Consider meds. If your morning sickness is really bad, talk to your doc about prescription medications like scopolamine, promethazine, prochlorperazine and trimethobenzamide.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen aso discusses other aspects of pregnancy by answer to five common question about pregnancy. Those questions range from taking prenatal vitamins to the causes of morning sickness. They also cover such aspects of pregnancy as sleeping position and if the pregnant woman should read or talk to the baby.

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I was on my period Oct 8-14th. While I was on my period my boyfriend came inside me a couple times which usually doesn't worry me since i'm on my period. Then on the 18th when I was not on my period he came inside me and I have been having slight pains and cramping feeling in my sides and lower abdomen and even lower back since the 18th and its been one week now. I normally have very intense cramps the day I start my period and then no cramps the rest of the time. I know Im not ovulating since I just got off my period and when I do ovulate I never feel cramps. We drink usually on weekends and drank this past weekend and while drinking my pains became more intense so I stopped drinking. Is it possible Im pregnant? If I am pregnant then would the alcohol I recently consumed while I was having those cramping feeling this weekend have harmed my baby?