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Pregnant Women Can Stop Morning Sickness In 2009

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According to some recent studies reported in The New York Times and Web MD, pregnant moms can stop worrying about morning sickness, the most known pregnancy symptom.

The Times study concluded that morning sickness is not an indication of an unhealthy pregnancy, and the WebMD study concluded that the absence of morning sickness is no cause for alarm, either. The nausea experienced by upwards of 85 percent of pregnant women is not a symptom of any irregularity, and those who don’t experience it don’t show any increased incidence of abnormalities, either.

The even better news is that there are now new remedies aimed at relieving the condition completely.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, morning sickness affects 70-85% of women. The symptoms typically start during the first nine weeks of pregnancy, ranging from mild to severe. Severe cases can lead to hospitalization. That’s why it’s best to control morning sickness from the outset. Unfortunately, many women think their options are limited to the crackers and ginger ale routine or prescription drugs. But now, increasing numbers of expectant moms across the U.S. are discovering an effective, natural alternative to treat their morning sickness.

That’s where Roshan Kaderali enters the picture. Kaderali, an RN who has practiced as an obstetrical nurse, midwife, childbirth educator and a doula, has worked in the medical field more than 40 years. She’s also the founder and CEO of MOM Enterprises and creator of Baby’s Bliss and Mommy’s Bliss (www.mommysbliss.com)a line of all-natural products created exclusively for babies and expectant mothers. Kaderali’s international upbringing and education led her to discover natural remedies that are proven staples in households around the world.

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“The issues expectant moms face are universal,” says Kaderali. “They all want to do what’s best for their babies. With morning sickness, many women think they have to just tough it out because they don’t want to take a prescription drug. But toughing it out isn’t good for mom or baby either. Women who are pregnant need folic acid and other essential nutrients. If they’re throwing up or not eating because of morning sickness, that impacts everyone’s health. ”

That’s what led Kaderali to work with an FDA compliant laboratory to create “Morning Sickness Magic,” a natural supplement to treat morning sickness. From her decades of experience working with pregnant women, Kaderali already knew of various natural remedies that would tame the symptoms of morning sickness. But she couldn’t find them in a combined, easy-to-take formulation.

“Vitamin B6 and ginger have both been recommended individually for morning sickness,” says Kaderali. “But they actually work much better together. That’s because ginger, when taken by itself, can take the edge off of nausea in a short period of time, but it’s not long-lasting. On the other hand, B6 levels must be built up and sustained in the bloodstream to be effective.

Because morning sickness afflicts so many pregnant women, obstetricians are besieged with requests from their patients to help quell the symptoms. Up until recently, the options have been limited and not overly effective. That’s why the natural formulation in “Morning Sickness Magic” has been such a hit among expectant moms and their doctors.

“This is the first formula to combine B6, ginger, and other anti-nausea ingredients,” says Kaderali. “It’s safe for mothers and their unborn babies—obstetricians across the country are recommending it and distributing it to their patients. It’s actually been the best selling morning sickness formula in the U.S. for the past 5 years. We’ve received tons of emails from expectant mothers who are so relieved that their morning sickness has disappeared or reduced so that they can function in their daily lives.”

About Roshan Kaderali
Kaderali has worked in the medical field for more than 40 years. She is an RN and has practiced as an Obstetrical Nurse, Midwife, Childbirth Educator, and a Doula. She has worked at several hospitals and has practiced independently as a Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Consultant and Doula. Kaderali is also the Founder and CEO of MOM Enterprises, a California-based company which features two full lines of natural products, Baby’s Bliss and Mommy’s Bliss, which focus exclusively on the well-being of babies and mothers-to-be. www.mommysbliss.com and www.babysbliss.com



Wow, this is good news to mums over the world and they could say goodbye to morning sickness then. Nice info though. From me, Dr Joe at <a href="http://doctors-excuse.blogspot.com/">doctors excuse</a>.