Light Bladder Leakage Affects One In Three Women

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This afternoon, Whoopi Goldberg announced the launch of a humorous series of webisodes that playfully tackle a wide-spread issue among women – light bladder leakage (LBL). In these hilarious webisodes surrounding a new Poise campaign, Whoopi stars as eight “Great Women in History” who may have experienced LBL, including the Statue of Liberty, Mona Lisa and Cleopatra. The series can be viewed at Viewers can also join in the conversations taking place in the online community ad discussing light bladder leakage.

Whether women want to admit it or not, LBL affects one in three women of all ages and life stages.


Light bladder leakage is one of the most common female experiences affecting women, but few women talk about it openly due to stigma and embarrassment. With these new Webisodes featuring Whoopi, the organizers hope to open that dialogue.

Now Whoopi adds Poise to her repertoire, as mentions the Reuters blog. The Poise undergarment maker hopes that with Whoopi's help, adding humor to the subject could make it little lighter to discuss this issue that affects one in three women according to Kimberly Clark.

These undergarment products already have seen some rise in sales. Kimberly-Clark has seen the volume of its sales in this category to go up nearly 10 percent in north America only in the last quarter. The rise in sales are mostly due to its updated version of Depend products.