Most New Year's Dieters Drop off by February

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New additions to the Kraft South Beach Diet (TM) line make it easy to go the distance.

South Beach Diet Additions

New Year's diet resolutions may start out with a lot of passion, but by early February the average dieter gives up and returns to old eating habits, according to a new survey.

When asked what is most important in selecting a weight-loss plan, at New Year's or any time of the year, the most important consideration, according to about nine in ten women surveyed, is a diet that lets you eat a wide variety of favorite foods. Another top factor, according to the respondents (42 percent), is a diet that offers convenience products such as frozen entrees and cereal bars.

"We know that busy lives and hectic schedules make it hard to eat right," said Howard Brandeisky, Vice President of South Beach Diet Foods, Kraft. "That's one reason why the entire line of South Beach Diet foods from Kraft provides nutritious and delicious options to enjoy any meal of the day, whether you're following the principles of The South Beach Diet as part of a New Year's resolution or simply looking for a nutritious meal or snack."

In 2006, Kraft is expanding its South Beach Diet line of popular convenience foods with several new nutritious eating options, including new hot breakfast choices in four varieties, perfect for starting the day right. Available in Denver-Style, Southwestern-Style, All American and Vegetable Medley, these protein-rich frozen wraps make breakfast delicious, nutritious and convenient - great for at home or on-the-go. Each fiber-rich tortilla is packed with real egg whites, reduced-fat cheese, meats and is microwaveable in just two minutes.

The breakfast wraps are joining the Kraft South Beach Diet food line launched in March 2005. The complete line of South Beach Diet foods includes cereal and meal replacement bars, cereal, refrigerated sandwich wrap kits, breakfast wraps, frozen microwave pizza, cookies, crackers, salad dressings and frozen entrees.

Kraft also adds new flavors to South Beach Diet line

New Asian-inspired flavors of frozen entrees and a refrigerated sandwich wrap are joining the Kraft South Beach Diet line. Also new on the shelves is a line of salad dressings and two new varieties of meal replacement bars. All products will be available nationwide beginning in January.

* Asian-Inspired Frozen Entrees - Authentic Asian sauces combine with lean meats and crisp vegetables, served with wholesome noodles or rice. Four varieties are available, each inspired by Asian menu favorites, including: Kung Pao Chicken, Szechwan Style Pork, Garlic Sesame Beef, and Orange Beef.


* Asian-Inspired Refrigerated Wrap Sandwich Kit - Joining the lunchtime convenience of ready-to-assemble sandwich wraps, Sesame Chicken Wraps pair Asian dressing and crispy whole wheat noodles with lean chicken.

* Salad Dressings - Enjoy three delicious and flavorful varieties of dressings to suit your salad and your taste buds. Flavors include Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch and Italian.

* Meal Replacement Bars - Two indulgent new flavors of the nutrient-rich on-the-go bars include Caramel Peanut Crisp and Vanilla Creme.

For more information about these products as well as the South Beach Diet, visit

Kraft and The South Beach Diet

Kraft's alliance with The South Beach Diet, including the nearly 40 South Beach Diet convenience foods and the 'South Beach Diet Recommended' products, gives consumers many choices whether they are following The South Beach Diet or simply trying to eat right as part of their new eating plan.

The South Beach Diet brand continues to help consumers select products that fit with their specific diet and taste needs through 'South Beach Diet Recommended' buttons, found on Kraft products ranging from Planters nuts to Boca Burgers.

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a weight-loss plan that encourages people to eat a variety of foods, such as lean sources of protein, reduced fat cheeses and dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and right fats like olive and canola oil.

"It has been a great revelation to me that weight loss is not about low carbs or low fat, but the right carbs and the right fats," says Arthur Agatston, M.D and creator of The South Beach Diet. "My goal is to help change the way America eats. One thing that has been missing is the convenience factor and now these new tools make nutritious eating even easier."

In addition to the foods, this January a new Kraft South Beach Diet mini-magazine will feature delicious recipes, easy tips for choosing convenient, great-tasting products, staying active and the latest news about The South Beach Diet. The mini-magazines are FREE with purchase of three participating Kraft or South Beach Diet products while supplies last.

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