Swine Flu: 86 cases and 8 million vaccines in negotiation

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Greece will spend 55 million euros to purchase 8 million doses of H1N1 swine flu influenza vaccines. Tourists from Australia and USA, traveling to Greece contribute to the spread of swine flu in the country.

While Greece has 86 cases of confirmed swine flu cases, the EOF, National Medicines, negotiates the purchase of eight million doses of influenza vaccine in an amount of about 55 million euros.


The first delivery of swine flu vaccines is scheduled for December 2009. The president of the EOF, Vassilis Kontozamanis, said at a press conference, that he is in contact with five pharmaceutical companies that are working on Swine Flu vaccines: Glaxo, Baxter, Novartis, Sanofi-Pasteur and Solvay.

Sunday morning, the Ministry of Health announced the identification of 7 new people who contracted the H1N1 virus, bringing to 86 the total number of swine flu confirmed cases in Greece. These are young people, aged 18 to 29 years. The number includes 5 people from Great Britain. According to the Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, the opening of the tourist season would explain the increase in the number of patients in recent weeks. "87% of cases come from tourists, especially from the United States and Australia."

Of the 86 cases of flu reported in Greece, 30 people have so far, completely healed. Others are monitored. Medical treatment and care is provided to them as directed by the Ministry of Health. Treatment is provided either in a hospital setting or at home.

The Greek authorities are reassuring that there has not been any severely recorded case of swine flu in the country.