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Hospital Infections High In Sweden At 10 Percent

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While the world is more concerned about the Swine Flu as last week WHO announced a global pandemic, in Sweden health care authorities are more concerned with hospital superbugs. Ten percent of Swedish hospital patients pick up hospital infection.

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On Thursday the World Health Organisation declared the swine flu a pandemic. Sweden's Health Minister announced the government will continue to work to limit the spread of the virus, but emphasized there was no reason for alarm, and no travel restrictions.

Right now the authorities here seem to be more concerned about the bugs people are picking up within the healthcare system. By early 2008, a little more than one in ten patients were picking up an infection while being treated in a Swedish hospital. But as Dave Russell reports, new health guidelines have drastically reduced the hospital "superbugs" in the past year.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in hospitals impose significant economic consequences on the nation’s healthcare system.