Twelve Reasons to Avoid The South Beach Diet

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The South Beach Diet

Although millions of people have tried or are currently on the South Beach Diet, there are at least a dozen reasons why this Diet is flawed by a poor understanding of nutritional science.

The South Beach Diet may be "The Diet Everyone's Talking About" as proclaimed on the book's jacket. However, despite the diet's popularity, there are at least a dozen reasons to re-think using it as your best option for successful (and healthy) long-term weight loss.

So says Dr. Mercola, founder of the world's most visted natural health website He believes that The South Beach Diet's popularity has more to do with its million-dollar-a-month marketing budget than its flawed prescription for weight loss.


So why does The South Beach Diet head the wrong direction if you want a healthy solution to permanent weight loss?

1. Although The South Beach Diet discusses the concept of good vs. bad carbs, Agatston mistakenly promotes whole grain breads and fruits as good carbs. Dr. Mercola believes this could be a prescription for disaster for South Beach dieters unknowingly affected by subclinical gluten sensitivity or for those who are highly sensitive to carbohydrates and struggle to control their insulin. Dr. Mercola recommends that you avoid all grains and sugars until insulin levels are normalized.

2. Dr. Agatston promotes eating fish, despite the fact that today, nearly all fish from every type of water source are dangerously contaminated with the pollutants mercury and PCBs. Mercury is associated with nerve and brain tissue damage and birth defects. PCBs are linked to cancer and impaired fetal brain development. According to Dr. Mercola, "Either Agatston is not aware of this important issue or decided not to cover it; no mention is made that, to safely avoid the mercury and PCB issue in fish, while still getting proper omega-3 intake, substituting clean sources of bottled or capsule fish oil is by far the wisest option."

3. In The South Beach Diet, Agatston encourages the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (NutraSweet), despite the fact that many studies have linked them to a wide variety of diseases, including cancer, diabetes and various emotional disorders. Dr. Mercola recommends that you avoid artificial sweeteners completely.

4. Dr. Mercola believes that Dr. Agatston's most significant oversight may be his lack of understanding of trans fats. These artery-clogging fats, found in margarine, shortening and many foods such as french fries and doughnuts, increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Early in The South Beach Diet, Agatston states that trans fats are dangerous; yet, on page 54, he claims that french fries and potato chips are healthier choices than baked potatoes "...



i still think SB is a healthy way of losing weight...