Job Policies Vary On Health Insurance for Domestic Partners

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Obtaining health insurance from an employer for a same-sex domestic partner can be a challenge, despite more states taking steps to legalize same-sex marriage, the New York Times reports. Employers who are self-insured are not regulated by states and can decide to offer domestic partner benefits, regardless if a state does not recognize same-sex marriage.


More companies do offer domestic partner health insurance benefits. One-third of companies with 500 or more employees do so now, compared with 12% in 2000 (Konrad, New York Times, 5/9).

NY Times story gives some helpful on tips on what to prepare and what to know when it comes to health insurance coverage policies for same-sex domestic partners. "If you’re part of a same-sex couple and you’re fortunate enough to work for an employer that will provide coverage for your partner, the process can still be cumbersome and costly. Here are some of the basics."

  • Document Your Relationship
  • Prepare To Pay More Taxes
  • There May Be Possible Tax Exceptions
  • Health Insurance Coverage For Children Possible
  • COBRA Coverage Is Possible Too